Saturday, December 11, 2004

Disney World

So, we're here at DisneyWorld for a few days. For a while now (since September 11th, I imagine), they search your bags before you enter the park. As we were going through this, it struck me again, as it does everytime we're here, thet this bag search is a ridiculous waste of time. It slows everyone down, makes you wait in yet another line, which would all be fine, if it actually did anything to make people safer.

But they barely even look in the bag most of the time, and when they do, it's a pretty cusory glance, and if they're a real stickler, they make poke into your bag with a little rod. Aside from all the stuff that you could put in a bag that would easily make it through this "search" things could also be hidden on your person, I was wearing a large windbreaker that could have hidden as much stuff as I could carry, and my son's stroller wasn't even looked at, I could have had who knows what crammed in there.

So everyone who goes through the search knows what a joke it is, so no one in the park can possibly feel any safer, even if it was just meant as a guesture, so what's the point? Spare me the extra lines, and I'll take my chances with the terrorists, because anyone who couldn't smuggle something through that security wouldn't be able to come up with any kind of plan in the first place.

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