Tuesday, December 07, 2004

College Football is a laughing stock

If you go undefeated in the SEC (not the MAC, not the WAC, not Conference USA, the S E C) and have no shot at a national championship, then the system is a complete joke. Of course I would be saying the same thing if it was Oklahoma getting the shaft after doing the same thing in the Big 12. I'm really tired of everyone arguing about who should or shouldn't be in the championship game, because none of the arguments make any sense, and there is always an argument that is just as good for the other guy. The problem is there are at least three teams, maybe four, that deserve to be in the title game, but obviously, there is only room for two teams, so the system is all fucked up. Stop arguing about who should get screwed and instead just talk about how fucked up the sytem is. I know everyone talks about how bad it is, but then they also offer up their opinion on why one team should get shafted instead of the other. I say forget discussing that and say you don't know because they haven't played. And if Auburn wins their Bowl game, congratulate them on winning a share of the title, even though they will not "officially" have one. They should also hang a banner and get a trophy and in every way be recognized as a champion by anyone who thinks that the system sucks. Utah should do the same. If enough people recognize multiple champions, it will make the official champion all but meaningless, which could help to force a change in the ridiculous system.

Also, I'm tired of everyone talking about how now you can't excuse the BCS, now you can't tweak it to make it work, now we can see it's a joke. Was I the only one who saw that the same shit happened last year? We knew all this already. The system blows, and it will continue to blow no matter how much they "tweak" it until the top teams get on the field and determine a true champion

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