Tuesday, December 21, 2004

It's gotta suck to be this guy

So your wife gives birth to a new baby girl. She does it suddenly, so you missed it, but you have a beautiful baby, who you give a name to and show off to your friends and brag about it. Happiest time of your life. But, wait, that little girl isn't really yours. Oh, and she belongs to a woman who was brutally murdered. Oh, and your wife did it. Oh, and she faked the whole pregnancy. Oh, and she's crazy and she's going to jail. So now, not only are you not a proud new father, you don't have a family at all. No baby, no wife, nothing. What a crappy couple of days he must have had.

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'p' is for profound said...

ok that story boggles my mind. i don't get it. you mean to tell me that for 8 months this guy never saw his wife actually naked? i know she told people she was pregnant, but what about her belly? did he try rubbing it? this story just doesn't make sense to me...am i missing something here?

Anonymous said...

I mean...REALLY!! I dont get that whole faking the pregnancy thing! I have had two babies, man this story is heart wrenching!!!!!!!!

John Howard said...

Sounded pretty fishy to me too. But apparently some disturbed people can convince themselves that they are pregnant even to the point of getting a swollen belly. Sounded pretty weird, but if that's true it might be easier to believe.

The thing that I wondered about was why he wouldn't have wanted to see a picture or video from her ultrasound. Maybe they were poor and couldn't afford pre-natal care, anyway, or maybe she lied to him about it and he just wasn't a very interested father to be.

Shakespeare's Sister said...

Yes, this whole story is completely unbelievable. Except that the same exact thing happened in an Illinois town not far from me a few years ago.

I feel sorry for the baby's father. Can you even imagine?

As for the husband of the pretty lady in the mugshot, he's obviously too stupid to live, anyhow.