Friday, April 08, 2005

Frigidaire sucks

We bought a new refrigerator from them about a year and a half ago, and last week, it just suddenly quit working, completely. So, we called Frigidaire and had someone come out to look at it. Apparently, the whole thing is messed up, and it needs a whole shitload of new parts, which of course would take a week to come in. So after struggling through last weekend without a refrigerator, we decided to call Frigidaire and find out if there was anything they could do to speed things up, or just replace the thing, since it's going to cost a lot more to fix than it cost new in the first place. Of course, they couldn't do that. They did offer to reimburse us for renting a refrigerator. Great, so then I get another hassle, and have to pay some more money, which I guess I might get back at some future date. So, we decided to just wait until they got ours fixed, since all our food had already been ruined anyway. But then, we call yesterday to find out if the parts came in, and no one calls back. Then I call today, and they sound a little irritated since they already talked to my wife earlier this week and told her they didn't know when the parts would be in (apparently, they have no tracking system), but that they would get their UPS shipment this afternoon and they always call people as soon as the parts come in, and we're pretty much at the mercy of Frigidaire (this was the third party repair people) and when they send the parts, and it usually takes anywhere from 5 - 7 working days (that was the first I ever heard of this, before they just said a week). And she told me I should just wait to call back until next Wednesday. So my wife called Frigidaire to tell them how unhappy this makes us and to let hem know that we are now going into our second weekend without a refrigerator and we have a two year old, and how difficult that is. They again say they can reimburse us for a rental, but apparently can't do anything about even checking on when the parts will come in. How hard is it just to track something, just to make it look like you're trying? And why on earth are they willing to spend all this money on parts and labor and reimbursement for a rental that will end up costing them more the the thing cost in the first place and making a customer very unhappy and inconvenienced. When they could have done very little things and at least kept us satisfied, or replaced the refrigerator and had a very happy customer. And why in 2005 does it take over a week to ship anything from anywhere?

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Don't know about where they are based, but they sure do suck pretty heavily.

Bought the whole kitchen set from them; fridge, oven, microwave, and dish-washer and the fridge has gone bad. Thress service calls later it is still not working.

BTW the offer for rental reimbursement is limited to $30/week and delivery and pickup will be your own responsibility.

The 3rd party servicemen had always passed interesting comments when asked about their frigedair experiences. Sounds like they use very cheap parts.

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my husband and i have a fridge by them and we have had it almost 2 yrs the temp inside goes from 30 degrees to 40 to 50 it keeps jumping around. he called them and they were like well your warranty is up so theses nothing we can do. we paid like 900.00 dollars for this stupid fridge. I will never buy another thing from them. they told my hubby they will talk to a repair guy only if he is on there list but thats about it so my husband said u guys suck and are worthless and hung up on them

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There is a website dedicated just to this subject- It's called
here is a link to the site where I have posted my story in the "range" section. I am tadpolegal, and this is the link:

Lets let the world know how they suck!

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This is the worst company and product I have ever had the misfortune to deal with.

It started with installation 7 years ago. Mounting the dryer on top was a challenge because the mounting brackets and slots in the dryer were about 2" off. It is still like this on the new units 7 years later! Does anyone work in the engineering department?

I bought this washer in 2001. Since then it has needed 3 pumps ($50-$80 each). Simply putting a filter to catch coins and debris would go along way to improve the performance.

Now (2008) a catastrophic failure. The bracket attaching the shaft and inner SS basket has corroded to the point of failure. Putting two different types of metal together will do that. I called Frigidaire to get a replacement for the inner basket (25 Year warranty). I was informed that if the spider is broken then it is not covered by warranty. They told me that the spider is not sold separately it is sold with the $300.00 inner basket (which has a 25 year warranty) attached to it. Who's on first? They also tell me that I need to pay a service call $100.00 to replace it because I am not CSA certified. I asked them to show me that in writing and Jim pointed me to the warranty page. I said it only says labour is not covered which is fine I will do the work myself. I asked them to show me that policy in writing. He could not but said it is their policy. Show me is all I asked. I then asked to speak to a supervisor. Jim at the call centre said he is the supervisor and will not ask a supervisor to call me. I finally got Jim to agree to ask a supervisor to call me.

I was obviously irate and they did not have the skills to listen to my complaints or diffuse my anger. They are only interested in one thing. Getting me off the phone as quickly as possible. I will make a short documentary about why this product should not ever be made or purchased. Posting it to Youtube may cause them to lose at least one sale. That would hit them where it counts, the bottom line.

Before you complain about off-shore products this was made in Augusta, GA. USA!

The call centre was in Canada .

I expect more from a $700 Washer.


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I bought a Frigidaire Freezer in April of 2006. A year and a half later, the gasket fell off the bottom, today the compressor quit. Frigidaire has cut their compressor warrenty from 5 years to 3 years, and as of January 2006 it is now just 1 year. Over $600 for a piece of junk. I have bought used freezers that last for years, so that is what I,m going back to.

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