Wednesday, April 06, 2005

It's hard to be a Laker fan

As much fun as it was to root for the Lakers with Shaq and Kobe while they were winning their three straight NBA titles, that's about how depressing it is to be a Laker fan now. It doesn't help that the Heat are doing so well with Shaq, either. But, it's not like I didn't expect this (well, maybe not this, I did still expect them to make the playoffs), what idiot would think letting Shaq go could possibly be a good idea? I never disliked Kobe, although the more of him I see, the more I'm headed in that direction, but it's just so clear to me that if it's keep Shaq or keep Kobe, there's absolutely no doubt who should go. Shaq is better in an interview, better in the locker room, and most importantly, better on the court. He's a tough matchup for any team in the NBA, he's impossible to replace, and he just dominates the paint. Kobe is great, but there are other guys you could find who may not be as good as Kobe, but could fill the role. Someone like say, Dwayne Wade, for example, or Penny Hardaway. Playing with Shaq makes things easier for everyone. And that's aside from the fact that Kobe's apparently just a big jerk. The only reason I can see to keep Kobe instead of Shaq is age, and I really don't think that comes anywhere near making up for all the advantages that Shaq gives you over Kobe.

Well, while Kobe's sitting at home watching the playoffs (possibly watching Shaq win another ring without him), he can comfort himself with the knowledge that the Lakers are his team. And now, there's no argument about that at all.

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