Thursday, April 14, 2005

Here's hoping they don't suck as bad next year

Well, the schedule is out for the 2005 NFL season, so I'm going to make my early picks for the Cowboys next season. I'm going to try to be optimistic without getting carried away to being completely unrealistic, but that probably won't work because if I don't think they have any chance, then it's hard to get excited about the season. Anyway, here we go:

Sep 11 @San Diego 4:15pm
At San Diego is tough, I don't see them wining on the road this early, loss

Sep 19 Washington 9:00pm
They own Washington, especially on Monday Night, win here

Sep 25 @San Francisco 4:05pm
San Francisco sucks, no QB, win here

Oct 2 @Oakland 4:15pm
Randy Moss always kills the Cowboys, but I think they'll do better against him without Culpepper to get him the ball, it's close but I'll given them a win here

Oct 9 Philadelphia 4:15pm
Uh, despite how well they did in the second matchup last season, the first one was more like what should be expected here, loss - probably big

Oct 16 N.Y. Giants 1:00pm
They should beat the Giants at home, as they should have last year, win

Oct 23 @Seattle 4:05pm
Assuming I'm doing well in my picks so far, they should have a little bit of confidence by now, and be coming together nicely with the offseason additions, based on that I'll give them a win here

Oct 30 Arizona 1:00pm
Arizona can't win in Dallas, win

Week 9 BYE

Nov 14 @Philadelphia 9:00pm
Monday Night against the Eagles, no way, hopefully they'll have another TO/Desperate Housewives intro so everyone will forget about this game like they did last year, loss

Nov 20 Detroit 1:00pm
They do well against Detroit, win

Nov 24 Denver 4:15pm
They haven't played as well recently on Thanksgiving, and they don't play too well against Denver, loss

Dec 4 @N.Y. Giants 1:00pm
I'll take them to sweep the Giants, but if Eli Manning starts to figure it out by then, it could definitely go the other way, win

Dec 11 Kansas City 4:15pm
KC has no defense, but I like them to outscore Dallas in KC, loss

Dec 18 @Washington 1:00pm
They still own Washington, I'll take them again, win

Dec 24 @Carolina 1:00pm
Tough game on the road, but I'll say by this point, they have a lot of confidence and are fighting for a playoff spot, win

Jan 1 St. Louis 8:30pm
They don't match up well against this kinfd of offense, the homefield helps, but I don't think it's enough, loss

So, 10-6, not bad, that should get them into the playoffs, but I don't think they can beat Philadelphia, so the only hope is that someone else knocks Philly out.

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