Friday, April 22, 2005

I can't stand Mitch Albom

I saw a little bit about this story when it first happened, and I was a little upset that it looked like they were going to let him off the hook with a lame apology. Now, I'm glad to see that he's taking some more heat for it. Not that I think he should necessarily be fired, but I think what he did was despicable enough for a so-called journalist that people at least need to be aware that he did it.

I've seen Mitch Albom on ESPN for years, and I've never liked him. I'm not sure if it's his weird ears or just the stupid things he says, but I just can't stand him. So, recently when he has been getting all the acclaim for Tuesdays in Heavan and Five People Named Morrie or whatever, it's just made me sick. Now, I'm glad to see that my impression of him was accurate, he's a hack.

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