Thursday, April 21, 2005

Students tell of tension on gay tolerance day

Why is homophobia so accepted in this country? This kind of stuff makes me sick. I'm starting to think I should be surprised that anyone even thought to have a gay tolerance day in the first place. The poor Christian minority is being persecuted again:

"Many people feel that the most discriminated group of all is the Christian student in the public high school," Jacobs said.

Well, that's funny, the article didn't mention anyone wearing shirts that said "Christian? Not fine by me." or "I hate Christian people." No, the hateful shirts seemed to be worn only by the anti-gay crowd.

I get really tired of people thinking that promoting tolerance of homosexuals means that people are trying to convert people to it. It's not a contest to see who can get the most recruits, and if it was, you lunatics would have already won. It's bad enough that so many people have to hate people for no reason, but it's ridiculous that they can't let other people not hate in peace.

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