Friday, April 08, 2005

Mel Martinez doesn't make any sense - even for a Republican

Another in the long line of things that I'm embarrased to have come out of my state. Martinez is quoted in the article saying this:

a senior member of my staff was unilaterally responsible for this document

Then follows that up with this:

I take full responsibility for this situation

In my mind those things pretty much contradict each other. He's trying to look like the stand-up guy for ultimately taking responsibility for what comes out of his office, but before he does it he wants to make sure people know he doesn't actually bear any responsibility for it. If he really wanted to take responsibility for it, he should have just said it came out of his office, so he's responsibile and apologized, and left it at that. Or if he wanted everyone to know he didn't have anything to do with it, he should have said that, then fired whoever wrote it and said it wouldn't be tolerated. But this crap with him saying it's his fault because he has to say that, but it's not really his fault just makes me sick.

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