Thursday, December 15, 2005

Bob Novak: Bush knows who leaked CIA officer's identity

While it sometimes seems that Bush knowing anything would be news, this is pretty ridiculous. I can't understand how anyone would have ever thought he didn't know. The guy is loyal to his friends before the country, he lies to protect his interests, and he isn't very good at his job. Of course he knows who did it, it was probably done with his consent. And if he didn't know at the time it happened, he surely would know by now. His ridiculous comments about the case all along have been nothing more than trying to sound like he cares about it all the while waiting for it to disappear from public attention. And why not, that's a strategy that works pretty well for him. Hopefully this time it will not.

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Me4Prez said...

Yes. I reported this yesterday. That is proof that I do not steal all my ideas from you. Just some of them

John Howard said...

Well...most of them.

Robert Bayn said...

This jackass is heading to Fox News now, sense cnn dropped his sorry ass, just what fox news needs more lunatic right wing idiots.