Monday, December 12, 2005

Broadcasters Piss Me Off

Everytime that someone is driving for a game winning field goal, there's always at least one announcer who can't stand not to say that they should kick the field goal on third down "just in case something goes wrong, like a bad snap, you'll still have another down" and you can just about hear in their voice how they just creamed themselves for making a point that is made everytime this situation comes up and addresses a situation so rare as to not warrant talking about even if they are correct (which they aren't). What is more likely to happen than a bad snap or problem with the hold is that the kicker will miss the kick, and therefore every oppurtunity should be used to get the ball as close as possible and in the best position on the field to make sure this doesn't happen. So, for once in this segment, I'll give kudos to a broadcaster, Joe Thiesman (of greatest injury in NFL history fame), for taking the other side in this argument when idiot Paul McGuire busted out this lame tired pointless line of reasoning last night in overtime.

There was something else I saw yesterday that really pissed me off, but I can;t remember it now, so if I can think of it, I'll do another one of these later.

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Chris Howard said...

Good point. Yardage is far more important in making or missing field goals than any other factor on the field. Look at the Dallas game yesterday. Do you think KC would have liked to have 6 more yards? A 35 yard field goal is almost a gimme in the NFL.