Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Happy Holidays vs Merry Christmas

Where the hell did all this come from? I'm nearly 35 years old, and I've been hearing the phrase Happy Holidays all my life. I don't ever remember hearing people complain about this phrase until this year. Yes, I've heard them complain about the secularization and commercialization of Christmas, but Happy Holidays? I never even really thought if it as some sort of non-offensive alternative to Merry Christmas. It just makes sense. This is the Holiday season. Starting with Thanksgiving, there are three major American holidays in the space of 5 weeks. (Not to say that I support the idea of calling it a holiday tree. That's just stupid, I'm with John on that one. )

I don't really even see how wishing a Merry Christmas to a non-Christian could be considered offensive. Whatever else it is, Christmas is also a major secular American holiday. I'm an atheist and I go all out on Christmas every year. Hell, I even have a little nativity scene in my house because it's just part of Christmas. I can listen to O, Holy Night without feeling like I'm being preached to.

And that brings me to my main point, which is that Christmas is not owned by the Christians. It's a multi-faceted holiday. My secular celebration of Christmas in no way takes away from their religious celebration. Not to mention that most of them are celebrating in a secular way as well. Santa Claus, Christmas trees and Frosty the snowman aren't exactly religious icons. So I say to them - Quit your bitching and just enjoy the damn holiday.

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Miranda said...

YEAH!!! DAMMIT!!! lol if you dont like it santa will give you a lump of coal.

People need to get over it...I mean look at Neil Diamond he's jewish, and the guy makes most of his money from Christmas Carol Cds.

thanks for bringing this up.

John Howard said...

Great post, I get annoyed with both sides of this nonexistent debate. If you get offended when people tell you "Merry Christmas", then you're an idiot. If you get offended when people tell you "Happy Holidays" then you're an idiot. I would suggest an alternative greeting for either group: "Fuck You!"

And you're right, I always used to think "Happy Holidays" was meant to include the entire holiday season, Christmas and New Year's or whatever, not some way to avoid saying Christmas.

Robert Bayn said...

Christmas war is basically another conservative attack on Liberals, accusing them of things that dont exist. Most of it has to do public buildings, and what's ok to be there, i understand the argument against religious figures, but i think it's all stupid.

Btw, i hate christmas!