Wednesday, December 28, 2005

White House Details President's Vacation Reading

Who gives a fuck? Why does anyone care what this asshole is reading? Unless it's the Constitution, because he obviously doesn't get the gist of that one. And why the hell is he on vacation again, anyway? Everytime he fucks something up, he goes on vacation 'til it blows over. How hard is that to recognize? So instead of continuing to report on how he thinks it's ok to spy on Americans, ABC News instead tells us what he is reading. Great job! Have they given out any Pulitizers yet this year?

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Kristin said...

I think the news is that he can read. With most presidents, this wouldn't be news. W isn't most presidents.

skywind said...

The big laugh is that the story says he's an "avid reader."

Me4Prez said...

He also has a book everytime he fucks up