Tuesday, December 20, 2005

George Bush is an Asshole - May become on ongoing series

As everyone comments on this insane abuse of power by our President, I see people quoting government websites and portions of The Patriot Act where the White House assures people that all the provisions of the Patriot Act are done within the bounds of the Constitution and with judicial oversight. Of course people are rightly pointing to all these assurances as evidence of the President assuring us all of one thing, while actually doing another in secret, which is nothing new for him, but this may be the worst of what he has done that has become public, and he has admitted that it is going on (although he claims it is legal). What I'm worried about is all this discussion about the legality of the secret wiretaps may have the consequence of making people more comfortable with all the violations of their civil liberties contained in The Patriot Act. Since it isn't secret, and is all done more openly than this program that has now come to light, people may forget how much of our Freedom is actually taken away by The Patriot Act. Or, worst case, it may be renewed in some bullshit deal in order to stop all the secret stuff we're now finding out about.

In a sane world, this new revelation would have the opposite effect and would serve to focus people on violations of their civil liberties, and therefore make The Patriot Act look even worse. But, as I've learned these last few years, we definitely do not live in a sane world, so I hope that as we condemn the President's illegal activities, we also remember that his legal ones are over the line as well.

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Robert Bayn said...

Though i agree this President and Administration have gone over the line, the next question remains what can we do about it? We could impeach him, than Cheney is president, that's even worse. The only answer is that the american people demand a special election, where we oust Bush and his administration.

Me4Prez said...

Can't we just not like Bush without things like spying on US citizens without warrants and being dishonest? Since when has just being a cocksucker become not good enough of a reason?

puzzled said...

The last I've heard is that his approval rating is back up to 48%. How do you figure that? You can fool most of the people most of the time.

Anonymous said...

Robert: YOU can't do shit...this isn't a democracy, it's a republic and ALL the assholes that represent us are fucking worthless and don't give a shit about what we think.
me4prez: Callins someone cocksucker is not enough when cocksucker is responsible for fucking lots of people out of their money and right to live.
Puzzled: That was his approval rating @ a KFC in shitbag texas somewhere.