Monday, December 19, 2005

George Bush is an asshole

So now Bush breaks the law, and isn't even worried enough about it to lie about it. He openly admits it and tells anyone who doesn't support his criminal behavior to fuck off. Not that this isn't exactly the kind of shit I expect out of him and his administration, but it's pretty fucking sad to realize that he'll probably get away with it.

Listen up, idiots. This is not an issue about Bush spying on terrorists. No one likes terrorists. I know it's more comfortable for you when everything can be black and white, but reality isn't like that. This is an issue about Bush breaking the law. It's about unchecked power. Sure, it may not affect you if he spies on some terrorists (of course, we have only his word (whatever that's worth) to assure us that he's only doing this for suspected terrorists), but at some point there may be some liberty that you do enjoy that he wants to take away. And if you give him the right to take away one, it's a lot easier for him to take away the next one. Eventually, he may have a problem with something you do, or something you care about. Suppose one day he decides that Americans shouldn't be able to own guns anymore, because that makes it easier for the terrorists to own guns? I guess you might finally start to come around then. Unfortunately, it will be too late, since you dumbasses have decided to trust him with the power to decide what's good for America. No one deserves this much power, even if they are right. I don't want Bush to have it, and I wouldn't want a President I supported to have it, because it's unAmerican. It's that simple. Why anyone still supports this guy is beyond me.

W is for What an asshole.

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Robert Bayn said...

and The war On Civil Liberties continues, while people are so hooked up on the War on Christmas, the real war for our freedoms in America is taking place and as usual the American public has a blind eye to it, i seen this happening when the Patriot act first got passed.

Shakespeare's Sister said...

W is for What an asshole.


Awesome post.

puzzled said...

I wish there were a million people like you speaking out, John. And more to the point, being heard!

Toast said...

And if you give him the right to take away one, it's a lot easier for him to take away the next one.

I hear other peoples' civil rights are like Lays potato chips to Bush: You know he can't take just one.

Kristin in NC said...

Excellent post! I'd like to know when I somehow switched places with the average Republican on this. Anyone remember when it was the right-wing who feared the erosion of our civil liberties? Ugh.

John Howard said...

Yeah. Small government, my ass.

Anonymous said...

Asbsolutely the worst fucking president, most incompetent and stupid person ever to hold the office of President. He plays into the hands of Chavez and other idiots, like the president of Iran.

He has alientated the rest of the world and doesn't care or is just to stupid to know.

What an ASSHOLE GEorge Bush is!!!