Friday, April 29, 2005

Mother charged in stabbing of children

I wonder if they'll kick her out of the church. If they do, she can probably joing the BTK guy's church.

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Chicago Tribune | Inner space attracts buyers

If you pay over 20 thousand dollars for a parking space:

1. You have too much money
2. There's something seriously wrong with you

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The Journal Times Online

I thought Clifford was a big red dog.

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I'm sick

I should have stayed home today. I started feeling lousy yesterday, sneexing, aching, stuffy head, runny nose, so I took some Nyquil to try to get some decent sleep. Unfourtunately, my son decided to wake up at 3:00 in the morning, so I spent the next four hours getting sleep in 15-20 minute intervals while being woken up in between to put on more Blues Clues or tell him why I couldn't play with him. Of course, by the time I had to get up for work, he had went back to sleep. I seriously thougth about staying in bed, but another guy here is out on his honeymoon, so that would have made things pretty difficult on my coworkers if I was out too, I guess I'm too dedicated. All I know is I want to go to sleep really, really, really badly.

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Thursday, April 28, 2005

'Radar Anomaly' Prompts Bush Protection

When I first saw this story yesterday, it really upset me, I don't want anything to happen to our fine President, whether it be from a dangerous flock of birds or a pocket of acid rain, or a plane flying in restricted airspace. And after this false alarm, I'm particularly worried that the next time there is a threat, he won't be so quick to go to the bunker. So, what I propose is that he spend the remainder of his term in ofiice in the bunker. That way, we don;t have to worry about whether these threats are real or not, he will be safe and sound either way. Sure, it may be difficult for him to govern locked away down there, but that's a price I'm willing to pay to ensure his safety. And I say it's disrespectful to his office for him to be out and about in harm's way all day, and anyone who says otherwise is probably just a terrorist just looking for an oppurtunity.

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Who cares?

I don't give a shit if Star Magazine uses doctored photos, I thought most people just assumed they did that anyway. Are we worried about their journalistic integrity or something? Don't they pretty much forfeit that when they take jobs at Star Magazine?

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NFL Done, Congressmen Turn Next To Nba

Doesn't Congress have a country to run or something? Aren't we at war? I guess not, apparently Congress has become some sort of professional sports drug abuse oversight committee. After all the great things they did for Major League Baseball (really, without those congressional hearings, kids might still be looking up to Alex Sanchez and his bloated stats), now they've taled to the NFL, and apparently, the NBA is up next. Well, Congress, if you pay any attention to anything, you would realize that the NFL has a pretty good drug policy and sticking your nose into it probably isn't going to make it any better. If I were Paul Tagliabue, I would tell Congress to fuck off. As for the NBA, I've never even heard a hint that they have any kind of issue with steroids, if they really want to look at the NBA, they might want to focus their inquiries on marijuana, instead. But anyway, none of this is the business of Congress, why doesn't this bother people that they're wasting their time on this? I mean, I guess if there were no people without healthcare, and no crime, and no homeless people and everyone's kids went to great schools and whatever, then it wouldn't be a big deal if Congress wanted to clean up professional sports, but the fact is there are a lot of problems in this country, and a lot of those problems are actually the responsibility of Congress. I'd really prefer if they spent their time on some of those.

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I don't even know what the fuck a meme is

However, it seems that Gary from American Regression has nevertheless tagged me with this "Disappointment to my parents" meme. Clearly, it's ridiculous to think that I would be a disappointment to my parents, but I suppose this is some kind of hypothetical exercise, so I'll play along, just don't expect my answers not to suck.

If I could be a scientist...

I suppose it would be pretty lame if I just answered all these with something that would end up with me making a lot of money, but the temptation is there, so if I get lazy, that's a definite possibility. However, that aside, I suppose if I could be a scientist, I would want to do something pretty noble like curing cancer or something. But this isn't very likely since I really suck at science and when I was in high school I used to fake results for made up science projects.

If I could be a musician...

Well, I would probably be a broke one, since I can't sing or play anything worth a crap.

If I could be a doctor...

Can you be a doctor without going to medical school? Medical school sounds really demanding, I don't think I'd do well with that. Maybe I could be a chiropractor, does that count?

If I could be a painter...

Wow, apparently this meme (whatever the fuck a meme is) just picked all the things I suck at. I am not at all creative, maybe I could be a house painter, but I don't think I would like that very much.

If I could be an innkeeper...

Well, I would hire people to do the "innkeeping" for me, because, really that sounds like a pretty lame job.

Now, I guess I'm supposed to pass this on, which just makes it all seem like a chain letter to me, and therefore makes me reluctant to participate at all, but anyway, I suppose whoever I send it to can feel free to ignore it if they're not up for it, so my lovely wife at Holly GoHeavy, Scott from Me4President, and Ace over at Slack Lalane, you're up. Am I supposed to email them or something? Oh, fuck it, if they don't read this, they probably wouldn't participate anyway.

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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Now this is funny

I thought I had heard just about every pornographic term imaginable for the various parts of a person's anatomy, but this guy manages a few that I hadn't heard before, and in the process puts together an incredibly funny, incredibly insulting post about Ann (the cunt) Coulter. This is really a must read. Well, unless you're bothered by foul language.

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Paula Probed for "Idol" Allegations

Shouldn't that read "Idol alleges he probed Paula?"

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The Office

After complaing recently that there weren't any good sitcoms on TV anymore, I started watching NBC's version of The Office. I thought the first one wasn't very good, as it seemed to be a pretty weak attempt at copying the BBC version, which was great. However, in the subsequent episodes, I've really come to like the show, and now I'm a little disappointed that the season has come to such a quick end after only 5 or 6 episodes. Anyone else watching it?

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Frist Rejects Deals in Filibuster Fight

Who gives a fuck what Bill Frist wants? I'm really tired of this debate already. Whether they call it the nuclear option or the constitutional option or the fucking nucular option, stop offering compromises, and stop trying to keep them from doing it. Call their bluff, make them do it. They'll get their 10 wackjob judges, but they'll ultimately do more harm to their cause. Honestly, they keep trying to sell it as something that isn't such a big deal, that it's the Democrats who are obstructing everything and their constitutional option isn't really so extreme. Well, if that's true, why do you need to threaten it at all? Just do it, if it's not such a big deal. What are you, a bunch of pussies? You supposedly have the moral high ground, so fucking use it already. What are you afraid of? You're right, right? Assholes.

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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Man Who Put Mom in Freezer Had Odd History

Not to be outdone by, sfgate.come offers this little tidbit of insight into the man who had his mother's body in a freezer for four years. I'm glad these newspapers are keeping us informed about this stuff. If it hadn't been for, I would have assumed that the guy was pretty popular. Now, without this analysis from, I would have probably assumed the guy had a pretty normal history (except for the dead mother's body in his freezer part).

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Weapons Inspector Ends WMD Search in Iraq

What, again?

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Man with mother in freezer had few friends

Well, now there's a shocker! Thanks,, because if you hadn't told me that the man who kept his dead mother in a freezer for four years had few friends, I would have probably just assumed that the guy was pretty popular.

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Monday, April 25, 2005

Outlook for Bolton nomination grim

Well, I would hope so. It's about time that someone realized that George Bush's nominations for just about any position that opens up are done just to amuse himself and see if he can actually get people who are ridiculously unqualified confirmed to positions of power. He seems to carefully pick the person least qualified for a particular position from his loyal followers. Need a new Secretary of State? Here's someone who helped us to alienate all our allies while lying us into a war. Attorney General? How about one that considers laws quaint and is concerned with how the President can find ways around them. Ambassador to the UN? Oh look, here's a guy who thinks the UN is useless, he'd be a good choice.

The sad part of this Bolton story is that it took this long for people to wake up to this nonesense. How many incompetent people do we need in positions of power? It's nice that Bolton probably won't get the job, but most of Bush's appointees shouldn't have been confirmed. I think the whole Kerik fiasco should have made people look at these guys a little closer, but it seems like it had the opposite effect. Like someone told them that there would be one guy who didn't belong, and once they flushed him out, then everyone else would be fine. The other ridiculous thing is that if Bolton doesn't get confirmed, the next guy won't be much better, but even if he's a serial killer, no one will have the balls to vote against two nominations for the same office.

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Iraqi insurgency far from 'fizzling'

Well, maybe we should just stop reporting on this so-called insurgency, then maybe it will go away, or if not, at least we won't have to hear all the unpleasant details.

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Woman Fingered in Wendys Finger Caper

I'm tired of these "clever" headlines with this story. Someone should tell the writers of these things that it just makes them look like idiots.

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Fuck Support the troops

Well, at least the ones from the last war anyway, we don't need them anymore. So what if they were tortured?

the Justice Department intervened in the lawsuit, saying the money was needed to rebuild Iraq

So, I wonder if I can use this excuse when the US Government asks for me to pay my taxes? I'm sorry, but that money is needed to remodel my kitchen. Somehow I doubt they would go for that.

I like this part too:

The administration countered that the courts should defer to the executive branch on foreign policy decisions.

I'm pretty sure the administration would like the courts to defer to the executive branch on any policy, but that doesn't mean that it's the right thing to do.

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Friday, April 22, 2005

Staples - The Desk Apprentice

Ok, I watch The Apprentice, and I think the Staples executives made the right decision picking Magna's organizer over Net Worth's other desk to sit beside your desk, but are people really going to pay 35 bucks for this thing?

Oh, I see they are temporarily sold out, so I guess the answer is yes. Never mind.

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ABC News: Ben Affleck, Jennifer Garner Said Engaged

Have they set a date for the big break-up yet?

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Texas Might Ban Gay Foster Parenting

Via Francesca's Liberal Wingnut Corner, I find this update to the Texas Foster parent story. It seems that this thing would result in 3,000 children being removed from thier homes. Great, that makes sense. Where are they going to put those kids? Do they have 3,000 "normal" homes lined up for them?? I assume, of course, that the 81 homophobes voting for the bill will each welcome at least one of these children into their homes, but that still leaves 2919 kids.

Everything's Bigger in Texas...even Homophobia.

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I like Microsoft

I get tired of people who bash Microsoft just because they're big. It seems like there are a lot of people who will criticize anything they do just because it's Microsoft. But I like Microsoft fof one reason, they make good software. No, it's not usually perfect, and yes it has plenty of problems. But everytime I hear some hype about something that's supposed to be better than any Microsoft product, I try it out and invariably return to the Microsoft product, because it just works better. Not always, but most of the time. I like that my Operating System and my Browser and my email program, etc. can all work together, and have similar functionality. Most recently, I tries Firefox amid all the hype, and just wasn't impressed. I wanted to like it, but it just didn't do everything IE does, and too often I had to use two browsers, so I just switched back to IE and I only use one, and it works fine. A few years ago, I tried a different Office Suite, and it just wasn't as good as Office. Sure Office is a big bloated mess, but it does what I need it to do, and it's not hard to figure out how to do what I need.

Anyway, having said that, I'm not happy with Microsoft for withdrawing their support from this gay rights bill in Washington. I don't see any good reason to do it, and I think they're wrong for doing it, especially if they just bowed to pressure from religous wingnuts. I think everyone should let Microsoft know how they feel about it, and hopefully they can be shown that their decision was the wrong one, no matter what the reason for it was. However, what I can't understand is the venom I've seen directed at Microsoft for this mistake. Not that I don't think it's important, but it seems that Microsoft is taking the entire blame for the thing failing, and I don't think that's fair. It seems from what I've read that it would have passed with Microsoft's support, so that is definitely reason to be angry. But it wasn't just Microsoft that didn't support the bill. And apparently, they weren't against the bill, either. There were 49 votes and 25 went against the bill. Were all those votes because of Microsoft? Somehow, I doubt it. The posts I've seen about this make it looke like Microsoft is a company full of bigots who just can't wait to strike down any gay rights legislation they come across, which doesn't really seem to be the case. And in any case, they don't have the power to pass legislation, and the responsibility for this bill failing ultimately lies with the Washington State Senate.

While I understand being upset with Microsoft's reversal, especially as it was apparently the result of pressure from homophobes, what I don't understand is the hatred and venom and anti-Microsoft sentiment that I have seen in the last couple of days. It seems entirely out of proportion with what happened, at least as I see it.

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I can't stand Mitch Albom

I saw a little bit about this story when it first happened, and I was a little upset that it looked like they were going to let him off the hook with a lame apology. Now, I'm glad to see that he's taking some more heat for it. Not that I think he should necessarily be fired, but I think what he did was despicable enough for a so-called journalist that people at least need to be aware that he did it.

I've seen Mitch Albom on ESPN for years, and I've never liked him. I'm not sure if it's his weird ears or just the stupid things he says, but I just can't stand him. So, recently when he has been getting all the acclaim for Tuesdays in Heavan and Five People Named Morrie or whatever, it's just made me sick. Now, I'm glad to see that my impression of him was accurate, he's a hack.

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Thursday, April 21, 2005


Great, now I can't stay at hotels anymore until I forget that I saw this article. Funny, until pretty recently I didn't even realize that bedbugs were actually a real thing, then I saw some story on the news about someone who had an infestation in their home.

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Students tell of tension on gay tolerance day

Why is homophobia so accepted in this country? This kind of stuff makes me sick. I'm starting to think I should be surprised that anyone even thought to have a gay tolerance day in the first place. The poor Christian minority is being persecuted again:

"Many people feel that the most discriminated group of all is the Christian student in the public high school," Jacobs said.

Well, that's funny, the article didn't mention anyone wearing shirts that said "Christian? Not fine by me." or "I hate Christian people." No, the hateful shirts seemed to be worn only by the anti-gay crowd.

I get really tired of people thinking that promoting tolerance of homosexuals means that people are trying to convert people to it. It's not a contest to see who can get the most recruits, and if it was, you lunatics would have already won. It's bad enough that so many people have to hate people for no reason, but it's ridiculous that they can't let other people not hate in peace.

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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

The Ross Geller defense

Emphasis mine:

A Painesville police officer who was fired after being accused of having sex while on duty should be reinstated because he was on a break, an arbitrator ruled.

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Texas Bill Would Ban Gay Foster Parents

Ok, I know Florida is a pretty fucked up state too, but what the fuck is wrong with people in Texas? Banning gay people from being foster parents accomplishes only one thing, limiting the number of possible homes for children who need homes. This basically says that people in Texas think kids are better off in some group home or on the street than in a loving home with a gay person. It also says that people in Texas think the absolute worst herterosexual foster parent is preferable to the absolute best homosexual foster parent. Way to go Texas!

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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Armstrong Starts Tour De Georgia Quietly

Tour De Georgia, seriously???? If they want to have a little bike race in Georgia, I'm all for it, but naming it the Tour de Georgia just makes them look like a bunch of uncultured hicks.

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White House Rips Iran on Arab Treatment

They must issue these statements in writing, because there is no way anyone in the Bush administration could get up and say this with a straight face:

The Bush administration accused Iran on Tuesday of violating the rights of Arabs and other minority groups and urged restraint in dealing with them.

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Doctor on trial for witness' slaying

Did he not realize that murder is a slightly more serious charge than Medicare fraud?

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Joseph Ratzinger Chosen New Pope

I'm glad they make the Pope pick a new name, otherwise everytime they mention the pope, this guy's name would always remind me of the guy who played Cliff on Cheers.

Wasn't this the Hitler Youth guy? If so, it seems that this church enjoys controversy.

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Monday, April 18, 2005

Missing Pa. D.A. Fails to Show for Work

Well, if he had shown up for work, wouldn't it be hard to call him the missing Pa. DA?

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Happy Anniversary, Baby!

Today is the seventh anniversary of my wedding. On April 18, 1998, I married my beautiful wife. I remember a lot of things about that day, but still, it seems like it went by so quickly. That's how I feel about the time since then, as well. It seems like just yesterday that we go married, but at the same time, it seems like a long time because so much has happened, from getting married to buying a house to having a baby.

Before I met my wife, I wasn't really sure if I ever wanted to get married, and I was pretty sure that I didn't want to have kids. But once I met her, it didn't take me very long at all to know that I really did want to get married (as long as it could be to her). And after living with her and the kids for a little while, I also realized that I did want to have kids. Now, we have a son, and I can't even imagine not being a father, just like I can't imagine not being married to my wife.

I don't know what my life would have been like if I had not met my wife, but I do know I wouldn't trade what I have for anything in the world. Everything in my life that truly makes me happy, I owe to the wonderful, beautiful woman that I was lucky enough to marry.

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Friday, April 15, 2005

Top U.S. General Defends Military's Policy on Gays

I thought this article might be pretty good since I wonder how you defend something that's pretty much indefensible. And it looks like the General didn't so much defend it as say it's what they're using.
But the article did boil the whole thing down to I guess what the defense would be:

Those opposed to gays serving in the military have argued the presence of homosexuals in the ranks could undermine good discipline and order and harm unit cohesion.

And I guess it's likely that there might be some problems like what they describe (at least initially), I think the position indicated in the quote would be more accurate if looked at from a different perspective, and from that perspective the quote should say something like this:

Those opposed to bigoted assholes serving in the military have argued the presence of bigoted assholes in the ranks could undermine good discipline and order and harm unit cohesion.

Because really, if there are problems because of gay people serving openly, it's not the gay guys that are causing them (well, I guess they could, but the types of problems that people suggest to support the current policy aren't caused by them), they're caused by ignorant homophobes. And since it would be the ignorant homophobes responsible, then they should be the ones kept out of the military, or made to hide who they really are.

Seriously, where else in our society in 2005 is it so acceptable to blame the victim??? If the military has a problem with sexism that harms unit cohesion, would the solution be to get rid of the women? Too bad they can't just hide the fact that they're women, I guess, then it would be easier. Same with blacks, we can't hide them, so we have to deal with that problem, gays it's ok to ignore, because we can hide from it.

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Google for stalkers

This is pretty scary, it's stuff like this that makes me glad I have a common name.

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Found: Fossil Dino Mom-to-Be Bearing Eggs

If it's been dead for however many thousand years, can it really be called a mom-to-be?

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Thursday, April 14, 2005

Here's hoping they don't suck as bad next year

Well, the schedule is out for the 2005 NFL season, so I'm going to make my early picks for the Cowboys next season. I'm going to try to be optimistic without getting carried away to being completely unrealistic, but that probably won't work because if I don't think they have any chance, then it's hard to get excited about the season. Anyway, here we go:

Sep 11 @San Diego 4:15pm
At San Diego is tough, I don't see them wining on the road this early, loss

Sep 19 Washington 9:00pm
They own Washington, especially on Monday Night, win here

Sep 25 @San Francisco 4:05pm
San Francisco sucks, no QB, win here

Oct 2 @Oakland 4:15pm
Randy Moss always kills the Cowboys, but I think they'll do better against him without Culpepper to get him the ball, it's close but I'll given them a win here

Oct 9 Philadelphia 4:15pm
Uh, despite how well they did in the second matchup last season, the first one was more like what should be expected here, loss - probably big

Oct 16 N.Y. Giants 1:00pm
They should beat the Giants at home, as they should have last year, win

Oct 23 @Seattle 4:05pm
Assuming I'm doing well in my picks so far, they should have a little bit of confidence by now, and be coming together nicely with the offseason additions, based on that I'll give them a win here

Oct 30 Arizona 1:00pm
Arizona can't win in Dallas, win

Week 9 BYE

Nov 14 @Philadelphia 9:00pm
Monday Night against the Eagles, no way, hopefully they'll have another TO/Desperate Housewives intro so everyone will forget about this game like they did last year, loss

Nov 20 Detroit 1:00pm
They do well against Detroit, win

Nov 24 Denver 4:15pm
They haven't played as well recently on Thanksgiving, and they don't play too well against Denver, loss

Dec 4 @N.Y. Giants 1:00pm
I'll take them to sweep the Giants, but if Eli Manning starts to figure it out by then, it could definitely go the other way, win

Dec 11 Kansas City 4:15pm
KC has no defense, but I like them to outscore Dallas in KC, loss

Dec 18 @Washington 1:00pm
They still own Washington, I'll take them again, win

Dec 24 @Carolina 1:00pm
Tough game on the road, but I'll say by this point, they have a lot of confidence and are fighting for a playoff spot, win

Jan 1 St. Louis 8:30pm
They don't match up well against this kinfd of offense, the homefield helps, but I don't think it's enough, loss

So, 10-6, not bad, that should get them into the playoffs, but I don't think they can beat Philadelphia, so the only hope is that someone else knocks Philly out.

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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Comcast Blows

I can get to a few sites, like this one for example, but most things won't come up. Hey Comcast, how about you forget about that big upgrade and just put things back to where they work reliably again?

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I hate reruns

Fuck. I usually have a pretty good idea whether or not a show I watch will be new before I sit down to watch it, so when it's not and I was expecting it to be, that makes it even more disappointing. I didn't realize Lost was going to be a rerun tonight, and West Wing ended last week. So instead, I'm watching some Barney movie for the third time in two days because my son loves it.

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Vagina Enthusiasts???

My wife sent this to me, and she says I find weird stuff on the internet.

Clarification: It's not being enthusiastic about the vagina that I think is weird (I know I am), it's labeling people as "vagina enthusiasts" and selling weird crocheted reproductions of them on the internet. It's just creepy.

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Michael Bolton

Ok, I know his name is John Bolton, but honestly, can you really think about this guy without thinking of Michael Bolton? Anyway, while I'm sure there are plenty of reasons not to give this guy the job of representing the US at the UN, including the fact that he's been very vocal with his negative opinion of the UN. Also, just the fact that Bush nominated him should be enough to disqualify him, considering the ridiculous nominations this guy makes over and over again, but since there's no one else to nominate these guys, I guess we have to live with them.

But really, you don't even need all that to realize this guy isn't qualified for the job. All you have to do is look at a picture of him. Now when you wake up in the morning, look in the mirror and see this staring back at you, there are several options you can explore:

1. Shave the moustache (this is probably the easiest)
2. Don't dye your hair anymore
3. If you must dye your hair, also dye your moustache
4. Shave your head (this one may be a bit extreme)
5. Shave your head and your moustache (even more extreme)
6. Shave all your body hair (not recommended)

These are all pretty obvious choices that most intelligent people would consider when they are faced with the situation of looking ridiculous in public with facial hair that is a different color than the hair on their head, but since Bolton hasn't bothered to do any of these things, it shows that he either doesn't realize how ridiculous he looks or is too stupid to figure out what to do about it, either way, he's not too bright, and therefore doesn't deserve the job.

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I don't care if the President has a fucking iPod or what the fuck is on it, that isn't news, or even close

That's all

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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Poland to Pull Troops from Iraq at End of Year

So now is it ok to forget about Poland?

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Mother of the Year

What a disgusting woman, it seems that she basically sold her son into prostitution. The fact that someone would actually beg to spend time with your son should be enough evidence alone that there is something wrong, regardless of whether there were any suspicions before that. The woman obviously wasn't comfortable with it in the first place, so she knew it wasn't right, but she gave in because Michael Jackson wanted her to trust him. Great job, lady. I hope Michael Jackson thinking that you trust him and all the gifts he gave you was worth your son's love, because that's apparently what it cost you. Good for the son for not speaking to her for 11 years, hopefully he'll be around to have the satisfaction of spitting on her grave when she dies.

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Monday, April 11, 2005

Lost Mysteries

I talked about Lost a couple of weeks ago and someone said in comments or on their own blog that when Boone was on the radio, the people he was talking to responded to his claim that they were the survivors of Oceanic Flight 815 with "There were no survivors of Oceanic Flight 815" which was pretty interesting as I didn't catch that, but this link suggests that they actually replied "We're the survivors of Oceanic Flight 815." which opens up a lot more interesting possibilities. I listened to the audio several times and I think they're correct, but if so, I wonder what the hell that means.

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Why must bloggers keep us apprised on days when they have nothing to say?

Good question. I see a lot of "Light posting today" or such posts and I guess the point is to be considerate to regular readers, but it's never something I would think to do. I guess maybe if I had more than 20 or so visitors a day it might be more important, but still, I think if I'm too busy to post, then I'm probably also too busy to tell you why I'm too busy to post, and if I just have nothing interesting to say, then you're all smart enough to figure that out when I don't say anything.

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Saturday, April 09, 2005

Swearengen's on Bill Maher

Or the guy who plays him is anyway, I think it will disillusion me to hear him talk if he doesn't use cunt or cocksucker every other word.

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I don't know where to start with this

President Bush, the first American president to attend a papal funeral, said the late John Paul left behind an “excellent” and “clear legacy” of peace, compassion and morality, and called the funeral “one of the highlights of my presidency”[emphasis mine]

Well, first of all, it's in pretty bad taste to take someone else's death and make it about you, especially when you describe it as a "highlight."

Second, if your presidency is really highlighted by something that required no decision on your part, was completely out of your control, and did not have any bearing at all on the job you're supposed to be doing for Americans, then what does that really say about yout presidency? I'd say it says it's pretty fucking weak, but I could have told you that before you went to the Pope's funeral.

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Friday, April 08, 2005

Happy Birthday Libby!

Today is my niece's birthday.

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Bush Declines to Endorse DeLay's Comments

"I believe in proper checks and balances," Bush said.

Wow, you could have fooled me.

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This woman must be extra greedy

I guess it wasn't enough when she was laying the groundwork for her lawsuit against Wendys, now she's setting up action against the San Jose police:

"They treated us like trash, like terrorists. It's the worst nightmare,'' she said.

Does anyone ever find anything in their food, and then we find out that they didn't actually put it there themselves?

UPDATE: I missed this quote the first time:
"They're lying, and they're very, very wrong. They're doing all this damage to me, and they're going to pay for it," said Ayala

She might want to tone it down a bit before people get too suspicious.

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Mel Martinez doesn't make any sense - even for a Republican

Another in the long line of things that I'm embarrased to have come out of my state. Martinez is quoted in the article saying this:

a senior member of my staff was unilaterally responsible for this document

Then follows that up with this:

I take full responsibility for this situation

In my mind those things pretty much contradict each other. He's trying to look like the stand-up guy for ultimately taking responsibility for what comes out of his office, but before he does it he wants to make sure people know he doesn't actually bear any responsibility for it. If he really wanted to take responsibility for it, he should have just said it came out of his office, so he's responsibile and apologized, and left it at that. Or if he wanted everyone to know he didn't have anything to do with it, he should have said that, then fired whoever wrote it and said it wouldn't be tolerated. But this crap with him saying it's his fault because he has to say that, but it's not really his fault just makes me sick.

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Frigidaire sucks

We bought a new refrigerator from them about a year and a half ago, and last week, it just suddenly quit working, completely. So, we called Frigidaire and had someone come out to look at it. Apparently, the whole thing is messed up, and it needs a whole shitload of new parts, which of course would take a week to come in. So after struggling through last weekend without a refrigerator, we decided to call Frigidaire and find out if there was anything they could do to speed things up, or just replace the thing, since it's going to cost a lot more to fix than it cost new in the first place. Of course, they couldn't do that. They did offer to reimburse us for renting a refrigerator. Great, so then I get another hassle, and have to pay some more money, which I guess I might get back at some future date. So, we decided to just wait until they got ours fixed, since all our food had already been ruined anyway. But then, we call yesterday to find out if the parts came in, and no one calls back. Then I call today, and they sound a little irritated since they already talked to my wife earlier this week and told her they didn't know when the parts would be in (apparently, they have no tracking system), but that they would get their UPS shipment this afternoon and they always call people as soon as the parts come in, and we're pretty much at the mercy of Frigidaire (this was the third party repair people) and when they send the parts, and it usually takes anywhere from 5 - 7 working days (that was the first I ever heard of this, before they just said a week). And she told me I should just wait to call back until next Wednesday. So my wife called Frigidaire to tell them how unhappy this makes us and to let hem know that we are now going into our second weekend without a refrigerator and we have a two year old, and how difficult that is. They again say they can reimburse us for a rental, but apparently can't do anything about even checking on when the parts will come in. How hard is it just to track something, just to make it look like you're trying? And why on earth are they willing to spend all this money on parts and labor and reimbursement for a rental that will end up costing them more the the thing cost in the first place and making a customer very unhappy and inconvenienced. When they could have done very little things and at least kept us satisfied, or replaced the refrigerator and had a very happy customer. And why in 2005 does it take over a week to ship anything from anywhere?

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Comcast Sucks

Apparently Comcast had some sort of nationwide outage yesterday. I'm not sure if it's back on at my house yet or not. In the course of trying to figure out what was wrong, I knocked my router down and apparently broke it. Now I have to buy a new router, which really sucks, then I get to work this morning and see that it wasn't anything I could have fixed anyway. Thanks, Comcast. I'm sure they'll give me a credit on my bill this month.

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Thursday, April 07, 2005

People are stupid

This article just reinforces my opinion that people are stupid, and that would be about it, except for this interesting quote:

For Baltimore County police, said spokesman Bill Toohey, "It's a sign that we're all a little nervous in the post-9/11 world."

What the fuck does someone using $2 bills to buy a fucking car stereo have to do with 09/11??? Do terrorists often use $2 bills? Somehow, I doubt it, since I would imagine they don't like to draw attention to themselves. And why would someone counterfeit $2 bills and then use 57 of them at the same time, that doesn't make any logical sense at all. If you thought they might be counterfeit, fine, take his name and address and then investigate, and if they turn out to be, then arrest him. What the fuck is the point of arressting someone in this case? Was he going to flee to Mexico with millions of dollars in counterfeit $2 bills? The only reason this was at all suspicous was because it was unusual. It would have been unusual for him to pay with 456 quarters also, would they have arressted him for that? Post 09/11 world or not, people need to use some fucking common sense.

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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Google Maps

Has anyone tried this lately? Not only is it better than other map sites, but you can also switch to a satellite view which is just neat.

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It's hard to be a Laker fan

As much fun as it was to root for the Lakers with Shaq and Kobe while they were winning their three straight NBA titles, that's about how depressing it is to be a Laker fan now. It doesn't help that the Heat are doing so well with Shaq, either. But, it's not like I didn't expect this (well, maybe not this, I did still expect them to make the playoffs), what idiot would think letting Shaq go could possibly be a good idea? I never disliked Kobe, although the more of him I see, the more I'm headed in that direction, but it's just so clear to me that if it's keep Shaq or keep Kobe, there's absolutely no doubt who should go. Shaq is better in an interview, better in the locker room, and most importantly, better on the court. He's a tough matchup for any team in the NBA, he's impossible to replace, and he just dominates the paint. Kobe is great, but there are other guys you could find who may not be as good as Kobe, but could fill the role. Someone like say, Dwayne Wade, for example, or Penny Hardaway. Playing with Shaq makes things easier for everyone. And that's aside from the fact that Kobe's apparently just a big jerk. The only reason I can see to keep Kobe instead of Shaq is age, and I really don't think that comes anywhere near making up for all the advantages that Shaq gives you over Kobe.

Well, while Kobe's sitting at home watching the playoffs (possibly watching Shaq win another ring without him), he can comfort himself with the knowledge that the Lakers are his team. And now, there's no argument about that at all.

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Culture of Death

First Morty Seinfeld died (anyone know Jack Klompus' whereabouts?), then that comedian that I'd never heard of, Johnnie Cochran, Terri Schiavo, The Pope, now the Prince of Monaco, and Jerry Falwell is close. I thought these people were supposed to die in threes.

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Monday, April 04, 2005

At least I got that one right

My bracket was ultimately successful, since I picked the champion correctly, and isn't that really what it's all about anyway? Of course it is.

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Dirty Sanchez

Well, I'm glad they caught him. Now they can put an asterisk next to all his records. I wonder how many of his four HR were hit while juicing. It's a good thing Congress had those hearings, or kids would look at Alex Sanchez and say, "Look at how successful he's become by taking steroids, if it's ok for him, it's ok for me." But thanks to Congress an the great leaders in Major League Baseball, kids will see that if you use steroids, it will cost you.* Now, no one will be looking up to Alex Sanchez and his bloated statistics.

* Unless you used them in the 100 or so years before this year.

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Saturday, April 02, 2005

The Pope died

Just in case anyone missed it.

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Hybrid-Car Tinkerers Scoff at No-Plug-In Rule

The whole point of a Hybrid is that you don't have to plug it in and it makes its own electricity, if you want a car you can plug in, get an electric car. What the fuck is wrong with people. And anyway, if you have to plug it in, doesn't that negate some of the benefit, since you'll then be paying for the electricity, not to mention other resources are being used to make that electricity? I'm probably missing something, but I don't get what the benefits are, or at least not how they would outweigh the drawbacks.

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Friday, April 01, 2005

Google Gulp

This was pretty funny (especially the FAQ), but I wonder if they spent less time being funny, maybe they could make Blogger work worth a crap.

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Oh, good, because that 1GB was rather limiting

Actually, I don't really use my GMail account anyway. I really am not a big emailer at all. I use Yahoo now when I do email. So I guess it's nice that they've been forced to upgrade their service although I never really even approach the old 4MB limit, much less the new 250MB limit.

Now if they can succeed in making it so space is no longer an issue for GMail users, maybe then they can focus on making sure that slow crappy response times and errors are no longer a problem for Blogger users.

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