Monday, January 30, 2006

The Book of Daniel

So, I'm watching 24 and my son is puttng together a puzzle, when he comes up to me and says, "Daddy, I wana watch the Book of Daniel." I tell him we can't because it won't be on anymore. He looks really sad and says, "but why, Daddy?" I have to restrain myself from telling him it's because some fundamentalist pricks who are too stupid to figure out how thier remote controls, vchips, cable boxes, power switches, turning their heads, closing their eyes, or any other of the million different things they could do to avoid watching this show, like to decide what the rest of us can and can't watch on TV, and instead just manage to tell him it got canceled.

I didn't think it was a great show or anything, I just watched in the first place because the religous extremists thought it was bad, but I was still disappointed when it got canceled before even getting a chance to see how good it would be, just because a bunch of assholes think they should be able to control what I watch. Dickheads. Won't anyone please think of the children?

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Robert Bayn said...

I really liked the show, me and my mom both liked it, i hope it gets put on Bravo or something like that.

Storm said...

I spend very little time watching TV in paricular I consider sitcoms and dramas a waist of time so I can not really get excited about whether a particular sitcom survives or not.

However, it would seem to me market forces would dictate its success. If the support was there the TV guys would run the show.

John Howard said...

That's not true, storm. this show was canceled before it was able to generate any following at all and completely unrelated to any ratings. Just because a small minority of uptight idiots put pressure on some advertisers.

Storm said...

I think the term your are searching for is negative publicity. My point is that the negative publicity caused execs to believe the show would not generate revenue therefore cancelled.

I not sure I understand your point. The less than uptight people should have spoken out and said yes we will make your show profitable.

Good shows get cancelled all the time. Firefly was very entertaining and yet it was cancelled.

I think the world will get along just fine without Book of Daniel.

John Howard said...

But there was no reason for anyone else to speak out because the show hadn't been on long enough to develop a following, so no one was particularly upset about the cancellation. The fanatics started their protests before the show even aired, and it never really had a chance. There is no reason for such an incredibly small minority to have so much control over what other people watch.

I agree that good shows get cancelled, I don't have a problem with that, I have a problem with the very specific reason why this got cancelled. And I don't blame the network, they shouldn't have to lose money to make a point. I blame the uptight morons who apparently can't control their own TV sets and any sponsors who caved into their pressure who otherwise would have advertised on this show.

Yes, the world will get along fine without the show, and I don't even know if I would have kept watching it. The point is, I don't want the extreme religous nuts being able to decide what is on TV.

Me4Prez said...

It definitely didn't start off very well. I only watched it to make Pat Robertson mad, but usually it was recorded and I didn't really pay atention to it.

Maybe it hit too close to home for the morally superior religious types.

Anonymous said...

maybe it was cancelled because it sucked. religious fanatics or not. there are hundreds of shows over the last few years that only aired once or twice and then disappeared into obscurity. Book of Daniel has joined their ranks.

if it was really about the religious minority having the say so, how do you explain the continuing popularity of Will & Grace???

John Howard said...

It didn't have time to suck, it was only on for two weeks. It wasn't cancelled for any other reason than the pressure on advertisers from the religous extremists.

I didn't realize Will and Grace was very popular, but if it is, it's only because it was able t become popular before the lunatics got motivated to protest it. If they had started on that show before it even aired, like they did on this one, it probably wouldn't have gotten going either. I hate Will and Grace, though. Stupid, stupid show.

Robert Bayn said...

Will and Grace and QAF, took just as many shots from the religous right, more so QAF. Will and Grace was given a pass, because gays on tv entertaining straight folk or fixing their house is cool, but true representation of the struggle with in the gay community and religious tyranny, gets bashed, because if gays are not entertaining you, than they must be molesting your kids.

John Howard said...

Queer as Folk is completely different, since it's on cable, and not even basic cable. There's no advertisers for them to go after. I'm sure they were upset about Will and Grace too, I think they just didn't get organized quickly enough to get it off the air before it got popular. And once a show is popular, they're screwed.

Storm said...


I feel like we have beat this one to death covering the same ground in circles.

I think what anymous is trying say as I am that there are many shows that have themes offensive to christians, Will and Grace is one example but there are many. These shows survived even though they offend some because they are done well enough to attract an audience and therefore money. There is one subtle difference, this show directly attacked christian religious literature. I do agree there is a backlash currently underway. After years of standing by many christians are excercising their privilege to communicate their desires in the marketplace. Even so if a movie, video game, or tv show is well put together and believed to be profitable christians can not stop it. Consider Brokeback surely christians do not approve of a movie condoning adultery and yet it is winning awards and still in theatres.

Do you really think the producers are going to admit they produced a bomb?

Miranda said...

Ive never heard of that show, but it irks me how they take good old cartoons like Bugs Bunny and edit the crap out of them, because they are too violent. And then they put on other crap with more violence in it and throw in subliminal messages. Whats up with that?

John Howard said...

I agree with you on why Will and Grace is around, storm. What I'm saying is that the objections to this particular show were raised before it even aired, thus putting pressure on advertisers BEFORE it was able to gain any following and become successful. This show did not in any way attack Christian literature. Did you even watch it?

The show never had any time to become a bomb or not. That's my whole point.

Storm said...


I did not have too. The title to begin with and the concept of a man of faith unable to sheperd his own family.

I see I am going to have to start double checking your facts. The show did air. It aired 4 times

The show drew small numbers even on the first night.

Admittedly christian groups were upset which the misrepresentation of christianity but ultimately the "low-rated show" quote from AP was dropped for low ratings.

Storm said...

Not really the same topic but I wonder how people marvel at the christians response to this "show" and at the same time they cried foul at the treatment of the Koran in Cuba?

Robert Bayn said...

Low ratings was just a cop out, had it still had sponsorship it would have continued. 10 pm on a friday is not exactly a great time slot to begin with and 6 million viewers is not half bad, would be a hit show on cable.

John Howard said...

Storm, I know it aired, I watched all of them. What I said was that the protests began before it aired, so unless it came right out of the gate with great ratings (which it didn't), it was doomed.