Thursday, January 26, 2006

Political Cortex: Confirmed this info. Kerry's office says he is initiating a filibuster

Good. Now, I have no doubt that Samuel Alito will be on the Supreme Court, whether there is a filibuster or not. The Republicans will somehow scare up enough support for their nuclear option, if they have to because they do whatever the fuck they want. But that doesn't mean reasonable people need to just stand aside and let them. We need to make them jump through whatever hoops are possible to get this nutjob on the court. Who knows, maybe some reasonable Republicans will balk at the idea of using the nuclear option and the filibuster will work. That would be great for everyone, even the Republicans who are too stupid to understand it, since alito doesn't care about their rights as Americans anymore than he cares about mine.

And nice to see that John Kerry has gotten tired of being a seen as a spineless pussy, who says a lot of things, but doesn't bother to follow them up with any action. A filibuster is the only choice here. Alito is not fit to serve on the Supreme Court. If you recognize that enough to vote against him, then you need to recognize it enough to support a filibuster.

And when the fucknuts all start chiming in with their "fair up or down vote" crap, be sure to suggest that they are correct and move that we start confirmation proceedings for Harriet Miers, who deserves her up or down vote just as much as Alito does (which is to say, she doesn't).

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Robert Bayn said...

So as other democrats join in supporting Alito, John Kerry is doing a filibuster, see now this is why we never win a election, we never have any order in Washington.

Storm said...

Exactly, even Harry Reid sees this as a political stunt.

But go ahead

BTW say hi to Daschle.

John Howard said...

That link is bad, but I'm pretty sure that Harry Reid did not call this a political stunt. I know he would like to avoid a filibuster, but he's wrong on this. Kerry is right. There is no reason to give the government the power that Alito would help it obtain.

Storm said...

"There is no reason to give the government the power that Alito would help it obtain."

What power are you talking about and to whom, President, Congress, etc?

I understand your distruct of Reps and in general disdain. However this was a poor strategic decision on the part of Demos. In the end they looked petty and silly.

Currently, the Demos are engaged in another fight that will only end with Demos looking silly and out of touch. In fact, I think it is a rope a dope designed to help Reps in 2006 with midterm elections. The media has unwittedly played into the Reps by delaying the story of wiretaps and then running fill bore on it. In the end the Reps will show the underlying rationale for each wiretap and Demos will be left dangling in the wind.

I say this not out of admiration as you have suggested but out of analysis of what we have already seen. Just last night, Bush laid the arguement out. You do not show your hand unless you know you have all the aces.

Think about it you are smart enough to see the Reps have been one step ahead of the Demos. Even the stacked 9/11 commission failed to deliver and instead Reps won more seats in the Senate.

Storm said...

Good job Kerry way to deliver.

Any chance you guys could put up Kerry in 2008?

How about Kerry and Gore?

Gore could claim he invented the internet and Kerry could claim he was injured by it while sipping mimosas in Europe (because he is in touch with the common man).

Hey is calling in a fillibuster from Europe like ordering a pizza?

30 minutes or ailito gets a vote?