Thursday, January 19, 2006

Time-zone fight ends in Indiana

This article sucks. After seeing the headline I was curious to see how, in 2006, people could not even manage to agree what time it is. But after reading the article, I still have no idea why anyone would oppose daylight savings time. Also, after reading the article I have new questions. The article seems to focus on a battle centered on adoption of daylight savings time, which is apparently resolved somehow by moving counties into a different time zone. Why does what time zone you're in have any bearing on whether you use daylight savings time or not? I assume there are some difficulties living near a time-zone border, and apparently daylight savings time further exacerbates those in some way, but it would be nice if the article bothered to explain them.

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Shakespeare's Sister said...

It's so convoluted and stupid, it's hardly worth trying to understand, but in short - we've got two time zones in Indiana: part of the state is Eastern and part of the state is Central. Some parts of each do daylight savings time, and some parts of each don't do it, effectively giving us three time zones in one state - because for whatever reason, some Central counties want to be on Eastern and some Eastern want to be on Central and either doing or not doing daylight savings (depending on the case) keeps them more in line with the time they want. Moving counties into another time zone, I assume, would apply to counties that are currently doing or not doing daylight savings to keep them on the same schedule they want to be on. It's completely idiotic.

I'm way up north just outside of Chicago. We're on Central time and do daylight savings, just like Chicago and everyone else, so I really don't give a crap about this issue, except for the fact that so much time and effort (and money) has to be wasted trying to make everyone else get with the program.