Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Follow Up

Following up nicely with my MTV theory post, my daughter has been working on a project in her American Government classwhere they have to come up with their own political party and platform. Today she came home with her speech. I was happy to hear that her party was called the Equal Rights Party, with the central part of their platform being gay rights. There were some other ideas in her speech that I didn't really agree with, but I was happy tosee that a few high schoolgirls could get together and decide that gay rights is an important enough issue to base their party on. She has to give her speech tomorrow, so I'll be interested to see how it goes over with her class.

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Lex said...

Then you'll want to read Virginia politician David Englin's speech on equal rights, recapped here. Your daughter might want to read it, too, but there's some other stuff on the site that you might, or might not, consider appropriate for someone in high school.

John Howard said...

I did see that on Pam's House Blend and meant to post something on it, but never got around to it. I really wish more politicians, and not just in the lower levels of government would talk like that, whether it's popular or not.

Storm said...

I am trying to figure out exactly what a gay right is? Can u please explain.

Do you mean they should have the priveledge of receiving a state issued license acknowleding a marriage?

Because all I read was gay marriage gay marriage gay marriage.

I do not recall marriage being a right anyway.

Do the citizens of a particular jurisdiction have the right to specify the conditions under which they will authorize the state to issue a license for marriage?

John Howard said...

Whether you call it a right or whatever, I can get married, and I don't see any reason to deprie others of the same hapiness my marraige brings me.

No citizens have the right to specify conditions that are bigoted and discriminatory. Is it ok to deny black people marraige licenses? Of course not, and it shouldn't be denied to gay people either.

Anyway, if you cut through all the bullshit arguments about religion or "redifining" marraige or whatever, why on earth would anyone care if two people are happy together and want to be married? Why would you want to stop that? There just isn't any good reason.

Storm said...

Can I marry my cousin?

Can I marry multiple persons?

No of course we know now the Supreme Court was wrong with Dred C. Scott Decision.

However, banning marriage between perons that can not procreate or procreations that might be harmful to the continuation of the species is vastly different than what happened with respect to blacks and whites are the Civil War.

Storm said...

So what again is a gay right?

You are saying a gay right is the right to redefine the contract of a State sanctioned legal union as defined by the residents by popular consensus?

How is this a gay right?

Why not just petition the State for a change to the law?

Storm said...

I recently read some European countries allow marriage to 12 year olds. I guess we are discriminating against 12 years old too.

John Howard said...

Gay marraige has nothing to do with polgamy or incest. When you equate those things, it just makes your argument weaker.

Marraige has nothing to do with procreation? Or are you in favor of checking people's ability and/or desire to procreate before approving their marraige?

Gay rights are just like everyone else's rights. It's not about redifining anything, that's a Republican talking point. It's about not discriminating against anyone.

Your argument about kids marrying is just as bad as your polygamy and incest arguments, they have nothing to do with the issue, we're talking about consenting adults.