Saturday, January 21, 2006

My neighbors

Well, not my next-door neighbors, but a house a couple of miles down the road from our neighborhood. I was driving by today and something caught my eye - it was the word 'ass'. Before I passed the house completely, I was able to see the whole thing. It was a phrase in large white letters on top of a windshield of a truck which was facing the road. The whole text was 'Kick raghead ass again!'

I do live in a very red part of a red state in the deep south, but this took me a little by surprise. I think most of the bigots around here (and there are many) have learned to keep their bigotry low key. I mean, I can't imagine the same guy with a slogan saying 'Kick more nigger ass!' or something like that. I guess it shows that openly anti-Muslim, anti-Arab sentiment is ok, at least around these parts.

It does make me wonder what it would be like to live in a place where progressives outnumber neanderthals. But I have too many other things tying me to this area, so it's just an idle thought.

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John Howard said...

I'm sure he only meant the bad ones. He probably has a lot of Muslim friends.

Storm said...

That's right display your gayness whereever you want but keep that hatred of raghead to yourself

JRH every hear of the 1st amendment

John Howard said...

Did I say the guy should be arrested or shouldn't have the right to show what a bigoted idiot he is?

People should be allowed to be whoever they are, whether it's a gay person or a bigoted jerk. I just wonder why someone would have more sympathy for the bigoted jerks. This kind of hatred is bad for everybody. Being gay doesn't hurt anyone. It really amazes me that you would be more bothered (or appear so from your comment) by someone being gay, than by such hatred.

Storm said...

"Being gay doesn't hurt anyone"

Not true by practicing the gay lifestyle you dramatically increase your chances of acquiring aids.

The sign does nothing except remind liberals like you that Islamic militants have killed Americans not only on 9/11 but several times during the Clinton Administration.

John Howard said...

There are lots of things that factor into an increased risk for AIDS. Not being an expert, I can't really tell you if being gay is one of them or not. Either way, it doesn't hurt people the way hatred and bigotry do.

Yes, Islamic militants have killed Americans, and so has evey other ethnic, religous, or whatever group on the planet. You don't judge them all based on the actions of a few. That's pretty basic common sense. Do you think it's ok to hate white people because Timothy McVeigh killed Americans? Of course not. That's an incredibly weak argument.

Storm said...

You can try to nuance it all you want. It is clear what the guy is communicating as any one with a 4th grade education and a TV knows the difference between an arab, a Muslim, and an Islamic Terrorist Member of Hamas, Hezbollah, Al Qaueda etc. It just does not make for a good slogan and the sign would have to be huge.

The other point, are you serious?
You should consider asking for a refund from your public school sex ed teacher. You seriously do not know that homosexual sex is the #1 method by which AIds is transmitted. For years all we heard from the liberal left was that we did not care because it is a disease associated with gays. Sharing needles is also dangerous as well as multiple hetero partners.

I sure hope you are kiddng because I hope you intend to spend a little time parenting on this topic and not leave it up to the same school you went to. I recommend your local library to read more about it.

John Howard said...

Yeah, so I guess you wouldn't have a problem if the sign said "kick nigger ass" because he would clearly only mean the bad ones.

I don't know what the current statistics are as far as what the risk factors for AIDS are. It sounds like you don't either. Just because homosexual sex was once the number one way to get it doesn't mean it is anymore. Maybe it is, but I don't know.

If you have some facts from your local library to share, feel free to share them, otherwise I'm not sure what your point is. I intend to parent by explaining all the risks of sex (gay or otherwise), not just telling my son not to be gay (which is something I can't control anyway). And you do know there are other STDs besides AIDS, right?

Storm said...

Aids is an STD.

The other STDs have some form of treatment and/or cure mostly.

You comparisom is like poison ivy to cancer. Untreated poison ivy can kill and/or disfigure but cancer generally kills.

As for STDs in general thanks for bringing it up, STDs are caused by what class that's right sexual with many partners.

The second thing that irritates us on TV is the treatment of women in general and the glorification of adultery.

Yes your are right about the sign we should abolsih the 1st amendment and outlaw any sign that says anything but I am gay and proud.

John Howard said...

Yes, AIDS is an STD. And it also has treatment, now. Maybe if you would pull your head out of the sand, you might realize things like this.

There are plenty of things that kill. AIDS and cancer are both good examples. So, since you're all for getting rid of gay people based on some ridiculous argument about them ending up with AIDS, are you for placing similar restrictions on smokers, since they're more likely to get cancer?

I'm not sure what your comment about the cause of STDs is supposed to mean. I know it has absolutely nothing to do with homosexuality.

I never said that the sign should be outlawed or abolished, but that doesn't mean it shouldn't be called out for what it is, which is racist and bigoted. I'd also be pretty upset if someone got arrested for having such a sign, not so much for them, but for the obvious implication to the right of free speech.

Also, how can you argue that I'm trying to infringe on people's rights when your guy in the White House is systematically destroying them and you're all in favor of it?