Thursday, January 19, 2006

Feds after Google data

The Bush administration is a bunch of crooks. Why on earth do they need to see people's search history? If they want to see how often porn is returned in searches then sit the fuck down and do some searches and actually work to find it out, it's not Google's job to do your work for you. However, I'm sure this really doesn't have anything to do with porn. Good for Google for their position on it. Of course, if I were running Google, the official position would be "Fuck Off!" but fighting it vigorously should do ok too.

And a note to parents: There is porn on the internet. There is nothing that the governement or anyone else can do to get rid of it. Also, there is porn that is not on the internet. I grew up with no internet and still managed to see plenty of porn before becoming an adult. Your kids will see porn before you want them to, and you can't stop it. Just get used to it, it probably won't hurt them. The best way to protect your children from porn is for you to do it, not for the government or the tv stations or anyone else to do it for you. Also, by the time they're really looking for it, the only way it's going to damage them is if you've sheltered them so much, and given them some warped sense of reality that they feel guilty about it or think there is something wrong with them for wanting to see it. The reason there is so much porn available is because people like it. Your kids will see it someday, instead of trying to postpone that day until they're adults, try to raise them as responsible open-minded people with good values and judgement, then when they do see it, it probably won't matter that much anyway.

Either way, George Bush needs to seriously stay the fuck out of people's private lives. And if he doesn't, it would be nice if all his "small government" type supporters came out against him for it. I mean seriously, what the fuck's it going to take? Surely we're not afraid the terrorists are looking at too much porn. Actually, if they see enough porn, maybe they'll rethink that whole radical religous nutjob thing and just develop some unhealthy internet addiction instead, which would really be better for everyone.

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manxome said...

Apparently, other search engines have agreed to release this information. A one-week period, eh? Which week? Because I would love to do a search for "George Bush is a fucking wanker" 7 days straight until my fingers bleed.

Storm said...

Not withstanding your outstanding parental advice Jrh, I actually agree with you on this one at least as far as the request is wrong.

If you want to gather the information requested take 1 million of those over paid fat lazy bureaucrats you and I are paying for and have each of them do 1 search then you have your data.

This will provide a better sample anyway because someone else is not preparing it.

I agree that the small government thing is not working as advertised.

Sometimes you echo Republican themes in this case the idea that the government can not protect you. You must engage your own common sense and raise your own children.