Sunday, January 29, 2006

Sen. Obama criticizes filibuster tactic

Jesus, I never realized Senator Obama was a fucking moron. Do people lose all common sense once they get elected to public office or something?

Obama cast Alito as a judge "who is contrary to core American values, not just liberal values."
But Obama joined some Democrats, including Minority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada and Charles Schumer of New York, in expressing his unhappiness with the filibuster bid

So he recognizes that Alito is a bad choice, but doesn't have any interest in opposing him using the only avenue open for that opposition. Great. Instead of showing up for the vote, why doesn't he just stay home and let Frist cast his vote for him? So, because he thinks it's the wrong way to get it done, he is just going to do nothing instead? Look, I'm unhappy with the filibuster, too, but it's the only way left for resonable people to have any voice in this process at this point. It would be nice to me if Republicans weren't so blindly loyal to their party that they could recognize that all Alito will do is increase the power of governement over individuals (something they're supposed to be against), and would vote against him. But since they're not going to, I'm all for filibustering him. Really, whatever it takes, withtin the rules, and the law, to keep him off the court is what they should be doing.

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Robert Bayn said...

Obama is right, a filibuster at this point is just stupid, proof of that is Kerry is leading the charge.

Gary said...

You know, I am with you John.

Seems to me that they are speaking out of both sides of their mouths on this.

Either they find him completely wrong for the SCOTUS and they do everything within their power to prevent him from being confirmed; or they think he is OK and get out of the way?

It makes me sick to see them say he is wrong for the job and then not object to his confirmation with all their power.

It's not even pandering at this point, it's just blinding ignorance!

This man is absolutely wrong for America. Maybe the Bush conspiracy is bigger than I thought, even the liberal democrats are really working for him? I just have to wonder, because what has happened, and continues to be allowed to happen are 100% unfathomable to me!

Tomorrow night Dumbya is going to redirect his agenda, and they are going to allow it to happen.

When did this country become so fucking sad and predictable?

When did all the politicians forget about their vows to America before the vows to party and wallet?

Sickening! Absolutely fucking sick!

Goodbye Choice! And I don't just mean reproductive rights, I mean the right to Choose!

John Howard said...

He's wrong. It might not work, but that's no reason just to sit back and let the guy be confirmed. At some point Democrats need to start standing up for what they believe in, then maybe it will be harder for everyone to say they don't believe in anything.

John Howard said...

It makes me sick to see them say he is wrong for the job and then not object to his confirmation with all their power.


SB Gypsy said...

I'm with you, John. I'm so sick of all the dems sitting on their thumbs and whining about how hard it is to do anything that matters. Get up off your duffs, and DO SOMETHING!!!! They should have fillibustered the lesser court picks(how much damage will those judges do??), and shut down the senate until the republicans become more reasonable with the representatives who stand up for the majority of the people in the country. (there's more people in the dems districts combined, than in the republican districts combined)

effing Lieberman! *grumble, grumble*

Chris Howard said...

Interesting that Obama voted No on cloture. I wonder who he heard from? But of course, our local democratic republican-lite asshole Bill Nelson voted yes on cloture. Wouldn't surprise me at all if he votes yes on confirmation.

Robert Bayn said...

Filibust failed, but not by much, if anything can be blamed for that, it's the democrats that did not even show up to vote.

John Howard said...

Nelson's supposed to vote no on confirmation. I sent him a letter before the cloture vote to express my support for a filibuster, but I doubt he gives a shit.

I can't believe I once voted for that guy to be Governor.

I wonder if there are any actual democrats left anywhere in politics.

John Howard said...

Robert, it failed by quite a bit. they needed 41 votes and only got 25.

Robert Bayn said...

CSPAN showed, 56-38, that may have been wrong though, or maybe i'm reading into that wrong.

Storm said...


Just remember Obama was the guy that was supposed to be the rising star.

I would not be surprised that despite his limited experience in politics, he will be one of the front runners in 2008.

John Howard said...

I can't imagine he would be on the map in 2008. And yes he was supposed to be a rising star. Hopefully, this is just him trying to fit in, and as he gets older and more experienced, he'll be able to stand up for what he's supposed to believe in.