Thursday, January 05, 2006

The Rose Bowl

Ok, so now can we stop hearing about how USC is the best team in the history of team sports? I mean, they had some wonderful accomplishments, but after a month of talking about one team, it gets kind of old. Aftet Texas played an excellent first half and was leading comfortably, all we could fucking hear about was how USC is a second half team, which is true, but how about a little credit for Texas? Assholes. Had USC won that game, I fully expected most of ESPN's on air talent to line up to give blowjobs to Reggie Bush. Luckily, we didn't have to see that.

Can someone tell the ADT guy that no one cares about their 8,000,000 customers, 40,000 employees, or their authorized dealers? Just present the trophy, already.

Vince Young is pretty good. Reggie Bush is also very good, but he's an idiot for that attempted lateral.

I could write for an hour about the things Dan Fouts and Keith Jackson said that pissed me off, but I'll just give a few highlights. The stupidest comment I think I've ever heard is when USC was up by 12 with around 6 minutes to go, and Young threw a pass that should have been picked off, Fouts said that the USC defender had decided to just knock it down instead. Yes, it had nothing to do with the receiver getting in his way or maybe just an inability to catch the ball. He decided. Because really, when faced with intercepting a pass that will all but asure you of winning the National Championship or knocking it down and at best sweating it out for 6 more minutes and at worst, uh losing the game, knocking it down is clearly the right decision. I don't know what the gramatically correct plural form of time-out is, but I do know that time-outs sounds fine, and times-out sounds really, really stupid, but I think Keith Jackson may be dead soon, so I guess he deserves a pass on that. Dan Fouts also pissed me off by harping on the fact that Texas scored a TD that should have been overturned. He was right about that, but the way he talked about it made it seem like they were given 6 free points. If they had overturned the play it still would have been first down in the red zone, and Vince Young proved last night that he's hard to stop in that situation, so it's not like they couldn't have scored anyway.

Once it got to 4th and 5, I knew Young would run it unless he was just blitzed and blindsided before he had a chance to decide where to go, and I knew he would make it. It was way too easy for him running the ball. Once he tucked it down and took off, I knew he would score. I think he only even bothered to look around first to give the defense a chance to get moving in other directions, and to see if he possibly had a wide open receiver somewhere.

I hate the BCS, because they suck, but they did give us two great games and a pretty good game (I didn't watch the FiestaBowl, so I don't know about that one), so if we have to have a fucked up system, it's nice to have good games to watch, anyway.

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Me4Prez said...

I knew Texas would win as soon as USC went up by 12 and jackson said their streak was looking pretty good. Then to see the USC players on the sidelines, you would think there were 6 seconds instead of 6 minutes left.

Does ESPN now claim that this Texas team is the greatest of all time?

Rob the Dirty Liberal said...

Hook em Horns! That was maybe the best football game I've ever seen. Sure I'm biased, but I think almost everyone agrees that was a truly great game. Vince Young is just a truly gifted football player.

Fuck ESPN and all the local L.A. broadcasters who practically gave the crown to USC in December.