Friday, January 06, 2006

Write-In Candidate

Happy Birthday to my new blog partner and big brother, Chris. Chris is now officially old enough to be President, so remember him on your ballots in 2008, instead of whatever assholes actually run. Of course, by the time 2008 rolls around, I will also be old enough, so you can vote for me as well.

Seriously, though, as annoying as it was everytime I started a new school year to have teachers ask, "Are you Chris' brother?" It's worth it to have a big brother. I know quite a few people who have pretty distant or strained relationships with their siblings, and I can't understand that, as I really value my relationship with my brother. I'm glad that my son has big brothers, also, and though they are considerably older than he is, which will mean he won't be able to grow up with them the same way I did with my brother, the trade off is that he will also not be held down and forced to smell things, so it's probably worth it. My only complaint is my brother never beat anyone up for me, but I suppose there's still time for that.

Anyway, everyone join me in wishing Chris a happy 35th birthday!

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somewaterytart said...

Chemist was SOOOO MEAN to me when we were little. Being seventeen months apart is tough, especially when certain people are overachievers, and you get their teachers two years later and it's "ooh, you're Chemist's sister, gush gush gush." But it's all good now. Too bad I had to let those teachers down, except for the incessant hand-raising, which I still cannot stop to this day.

Happy birthday, Chris!

John Howard said...

I'm sure being seventeen months apart is pretty siilar to being 23 months apart, so I can sympathise.

Why would your teacher's call him Chemist?

Fixer said...

Happy Birthday ya young whippersnapper.

Chris Howard said...

Thanks everyone! John and are 23 months apart but only one year separated us in school, so he really didn't have time for my memory to fade. Of course, most of our growing up years, we had the same friends, so we hung out together all the time.

And thanks for the kind words John. I'll now officially apologize for holding you down, making you smell things and beating you up. Now that I have two children who seem to fight incessantly, I appreciate what a little asshole I was at times. Fortunately, if I remember correctly, I grew out of it, and we've had a pretty good relationship since then.

John Howard said...

Yeah, and even then it wasn't so terrible most of the time, just for brief phases here and there.

maurinsky said...

I'm 14 months younger than my older sister, and she is the one who always got asked "Are you maurinsky's sister?", because I used to be a genius and was hugely confident and outgoing, and a teacher's pet, to boot. (My adolescence was extremely traumatic, I guess - my peers caught up with me, intellectually, and I lost every ounce of confidence and turned into an invisible person when my parents sent me to Catholic school.)

I also have 3 younger siblings, and they all heard that question, too.

sumo said...

Happy birthday Chris. I haven't any siblings so I can't relate. So I guess since I'm an only child that automatically makes me selfish and an attention grabber. I think making someone smaller smell things and get beaten up is a very cathartic thing for one's feelings. Good for you.