Monday, January 16, 2006

I wish Al Gore was my President

A little over a year ago, I voted for John Kerry for President, and while I still wish he had won, nothing that has happened since the election has made me sad that he lost, other than the fact that we still have to live being led by George Bush. A little over five years ago, I voted for Al Gore for President, and at the time, I didn't have much more feeling for him than I had for Kerry. I've learned a lot about politics since then, and everytime I hear Al Gore speak, I'm sorry that he isn't the President. It makes me even sadder because I'm still convinced that he won the election.

I hope he runs for President again, because I just can't get excited about anyone else whose names are out there. I would vote for most of the Democrats over any of the Republicans, but I wouldn't be happy about voting for Clinton or Biden or Kerry. I would enthusiastically support Al Gore*. And if he doesn't run, I hope the democrats can scare up someone who has some sort of personality and seems to have ideas about what is going on in our country.

* As long as he doesn't grow that nasty beard again.

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Anonymous said...

We will get another chance

J. Clifford said...

If you're really interested in a Gore for President campaign for 2008, John, don't wait until 2008! Start now by helping out with our Al Gore for President Wiki resource, which is right now just bare bones, but is designed so that you and other interested people can edit the pages yourself to help build a genuine grassroots presidential campaign.

See it at:

Click on the EDIT link on any page you come to there, and YOU can rewrite it, and add your own pro-Gore content. It''s just like wikipedia in how it works.

Gary said...

I would love it!

Nothing has (prior to his first run at the Presidency) ever compared to Al when it came to debate.

He is a passionate shark that always goes for the kill.

I would love to see that passion for America from him on the nation stage again.


It would be great to see him tear into whomever the GOP machine puts out there. We, and he, have/has nothing to lose at this point. We sure have much to gain though!

So many wounds domestically and internationally would be more quickly healed with him at the helm.

Lets hope today was a launching pad to 2008!

Shakespeare's Sister said...

You know my feelings about Gore; I cried for two weeks after Bush was declared the winner in 2000. My favorite part of Clinton's presidency was my fervent hope that Gore would be next.

I don't think that Gore's going to run again, though, even though I hope desperately that he will. I thought his criticisms of the Dems in today's speech (very fair criticisms, btw) are indicative of his belief that there's no room for him in that party anymore. He's probably right. Which makes me very sad.

Robert Bayn said...

I never liked Gore, but i guess anything is better than the idiot that is in there now.

Chris Howard said...

I feel pretty much the same way as you John. I voted for Gore in 2000, but I didn't know a lot about him. Over the past 5 years, as I've been getting into politics more deeply, I realize what a chance we missed.

Storm said...

Are you guys serious?

please stop drinking so early in the afternoon.

This guy is a political dog.

He could not even find backers in 2004 and you think he rise in 2008.

Please keep supporting him,

it is thinking like that that will result in another Republican President.