Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Lifetime Movies

I guess there's some sort of rule that you had to be on some 80s era sitcom before you can star in movies on Lifetime. Markie Post, Meredith Baxter, Jo from Facts of Life, and this morning I heard a radio commercial for one starring Raven Symone from The Cosby Show. Just let me remember the cute little girl, don't make me see the bad actor you've grown up to be.

Anyway, that's not what made me post about this commercial. It was because the movie advertised was something about segregated proms, which according to the commercial are still done in some places. Please tell me that Lifetime is just trying to hype up thier bad movie. This doesn't actually happen anywhere, does it? I know we have a lot of work left to do regarding race relations in America, but I thought for sure we had moved past segregated anything.

Ok, as I was typing my post, I realized I could answer my own question with the power of the internet, and found more info about the movie, and the story it was based on. But anyway, now please tell me that this is an isolated incident in some hick town in Georgia. Please.

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Shakespeare's Sister said...

I think it is pretty isolated, but I found some other pretty shocking examples:

Just a few years ago, Hernando High school in Mississippi had everything in racial duplicate - from a black and a white principal to black and white yearbooks.


And at Johnson County High School (also in GA), one student who helped organize the whites-only prom said most students didn't see the need to change a long-standing tradition, according to The Associated Press.

"It's always been like that," said Carla Rachels, 17. "We don't see it as a big deal."


It's been 34 years since public schools in St. James Parish integrated under federal court order, but for the first time in the parish's racially turbulent history, a single prom night was organized by students at St. James High School, located on the Mississippi River's west bank about 45 miles west of New Orleans.

Not less than 25 miles away in Napoleonville, however, officials with the U.S. Department of Education's Civil Rights Department are in Assumption Parish investigating complaints involving segregated proms and attendance regulations at Assumption High School.

May 3 was the first time African-American and white students at St. James High got together on the dance floor for their school prom.

That last one was from 2003 in Louisiana.

John Howard said...

Un. Believable.

Jenn said...

Is it better than Stephanie from Full House being a Meth Addict and having to watch her interview???

John Howard said...

I didn't watch it, but it never surprises me when child actors turn out to be addicts or lunatics or whatever. Especially marginal ones like her.

beakerkin said...

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