Friday, February 11, 2005

About the only thing less interesting to me than the Michael Jackson case is what Corey Feldman has to say about it

Ok, so if he had come out and said that he was molested by Jackson, then that would be news. After seeing all the previews for 20/20 and hearing everyone talk about this on the radio, I thought he might have some real revelation like that. But reading this article shows me that, like everything else involved in this story, it's pretty much all needless hype. So MJ let little innocent 13 year old Corey see a book with pictures of naked people with VD. Yes, that's a bad thing, no MJ shouldn't have done that. Do I care? Not really. If I had to imagine what kind of person Corey Feldman was at 13, I would imagine that he had seen much worse by then. Someone wake me up when this thing is over. Oh, and if he doesn't end up in jail, some advice that I'll offer to parents everywhere: Even if you think he's innocent, letting your kid spend the night with him is pretty fucking irresponsible. If you want to take your kid to Neverland and let them ride the merry go round or whatever, fine, but when you have to leave, take your fucking kid with you.

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