Monday, February 28, 2005

This is disgusting

It's even more disgusting to me since it's very close to home, just a little south of where I live. My in-laws live in Green Cove Springs. I guess I shouldn't be surprised, there are plenty of rednecks around here, plenty of republicans, and sadly, plenty of homophobes.

The most disgusting part is that the girl has to pay to get he picture in her own high school yearbook. Somehow, the picture isn't good enough to publish where it belongs, but when $700 is shelled out, suddenly, they can find a place for it. What the fuck is so wrong with a girl wearing a tuxedo? You know, I doubt they really have much problem with this, but what they are really afraid of, is that if they let he picture in, they will have to let a boy in wearing the girl's clothes in the future.

The whole thing is just disgusting, especially considering that if they had just put the picture in with no fuss, barely anyone would have noticed it.

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