Thursday, February 10, 2005

Royalty is fucked up

As ridiculous as the leaders of our own country seem these days, I'm still glad we don't have this "royalty" bullshit they have in England. "Prince" Charles is what, like a hundred? Does he ever actually get to be the King? I'm saying he doesn't make it. And then today I hear he's getting married to Camilla Parker Lewis Can't Lose or whatever the fuck her name is, but she doesn't get to be Queen if he becomes King? What the fuck? Isn't the whole point of being married to the King to be the Queen? So who gets to be Queen? And what the fuck is the difference between the Queen and the Queen Mum? Anyway, unless they start guillotining people again (or was that the French?), I don't want to hear about your silly Royal Family.

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