Sunday, February 06, 2005

SuperBowl Hoopla

I spent all day downtown yesterday checking out all the SuperBowl related activities and events. It was a lot of fun, I've never seen this city so alive with people, boats, planes, helicopters, it was something.

First we went to the NFL Experience which was a lot of fun. I had a free ticket, but it was probably worth the $15 it cost to get in. They have a lot of NFL related activities to try out which are a lot of fun. The best part was that Emmitt Smith was there for an interview on AOL and to draw the name for the winner of tickets to the game, and we got to see that. I was hoping he would stick around to sign autographs, but he didn't.

After that we walked down the Riverwalk then over the bridge and down to the Stadium. There was a lot of stuff going on. It was really strange because our downtown is normally so dead. There were a couple of things that really surprised me. First, it seemed like the Eagles fans outnumbered the Patriots fans like 10-1, at least from what I saw. I guess the NE fans have been through it before so weren't as likely to make the trip. The other thing was the number of crazy religous people around. The first guy I saw wasn't so bad, just holding a sign that asked if you were ready since Jesus was coming back. It looked like apretty boring thing to do all day. Then there were at least three separate groups that I saw dragging crosses around up and down the street. Next were some people using a bullhorn to spread their message, I don't remember what they were saying other than it sounded depressing. The strangest one I saw was the guy with a sign with the Pope's picture on it telling about how Catholicism would lead you to Hell. That seemed a little offensive to me. We also went to the Landing where they were filming The Best Damn Sports Show, it was way too crowded so we didn't stay long.

All in all, it was a lot of fun, if the SuperBowl ever comes to your town, I'd recommend checking it out.

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