Saturday, February 26, 2005

Local News (and weather specifically) sucks

I don't watch the local news much anymore, but everytime I do, they manage to piss me off. Do we really need two entire segments devoted to the weather at different times during the show? Personally, I could do without the weather coverage at all, but if you have to put it on there, just tell me whether or not it's going to rain tomorrow, and how hot/cold it will be. And for God's sake, on the 11:00 news, I certainly don't need any coverage of what the weather was like today. I know what the weather was like today, it already happened.

This makes me more angry when I see articles showing how little time local news broadcasts devote to showing news about anything at all of importance, like the war, for example. Tonight, my local news covered one story, had two weather segments and a sports show. Seriously, only one story.

The weather wouldn't bother me so much, if the weather people didn't seem like they thought they were so god damned important. Clicking that little thing in front of that big map, like that takes a lot of skill. And do we really need them in front ofthe map moving their hands around to show where the storm system is headed? Couldn't we just replace them with a little simple computer animation? It also would have been nice if the biggest local weather guy in town hadn't looked like he wanted to cum in his pants when he was covering those four hurricaines that we had to watch out for last year. It was ridiculous, the projectrions on any national websites would show the hurricaine missing us by hundreds of miles, but the local guy just made his cone bigger to make sure we were in it at all times. I'm glad we didn't actually get hit, or we may have had to watch him pleasuring himself on live TV.

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