Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Cardboard House

Our house was sided with what seems to be just really thick cardboard. There was a class action suit which got us some money towards re-siding our house (of course nowhere near what it actually cost). After going through the hassle of getting the settlement in the first place (actually my wife did most of the hard parts), I really wasn't looking forward to trying to find someone to do the job. I hate having to do things like that, worrying about how much it will cost, how good a job they will do, and whether or not you're going to get screwed. Luckily, my wife again did most of the work of lining up people to come and give us estimates. Anyway, the point of this post is to mention how easy it ended up being and what a great job the company we hired did for us, and to recommend them to anyone else who may stumble by this blog. I'm sure I don't have many regular readers in Jacksonville, but since Jacksonville is the most poplular search term that gets you here, I thought someone who is interested may see this post.

Additional Living, Inc. was the first company to come and give us an estimate, and we were really impressed with the owner (he pretty much does all the work himself), his products and his price. After getting a few more estimates, his was by far the cheapest, his products seemed much better, and he was by far the most interested in making up happy. So we picked his company, and just waited for him to start working, hoping that his work was as good as his sales pitch. Throughout the process, he kept telling us of little things he could do to make the house look even better, and whenever we asked about how much extra these things would cost, he would say that he had already figured it into the estimate he had given us. When he actually started working, it turned out we actually had a lot of rotten wood that needed replacing (becaus eof the carboard), but once again, he had figured that into the estimate, which surprised me because one of the other guys whose estimate was much, much higher also said that it could go up depending on how much rotten wood there was to replace. Anyway, the only thing extra we ended up paying for was for him to install a new front door for us and to paint the garage door to match the house. When he was finished, I couldn't believe it was the same house, I still can't, I feel like I'm living in a completely new house. He did a great job, so if you're in the Jacksonville area, and need windows or siding or home improvements, I would recommend this company very highly.

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