Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Gay parents must pay child support

This is good news. Anything that makes sure same sex couple are treated the same as other couples is fine by me. When you make the commitment to have a child, it should be a lifetime commitment, whether you are adopting, or having the child yourself. And that should apply to straight people and gay people.

However, I can't help thinking that while I think this is a good thing overall, I do find it a little bit troubling when same sex couples are given the same responsibilities as other couples when they don't share all the same rights as other couples. Anyway, hopefully it is a step in the right direction.

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Robert Bayn said...

Guess our money is just as good, just not our lifestyle.

Paul the Spud said...

This is good news. Far too many gay couples are adopting or having kids with a surrogate on a whim (in my opinion). If you're going to have a kid, you'd better be prepared to support it, even if you break up. Period.

The husband & I were going over living wills, etc. the other day (thinking about how if one of us was in the hospital, the other couldn't make any decisions), and I was gritting my teeth again over the fact that it would all be so much easier if we could just get married.

Gary said...

I said exactly the same thing over on Love is Love is Love.com.

I am definitely in favor of protecting those children. I agree it is a step in the right direction, yet I am definitely annoyed that we are offered a benefit of marriage without any of the rights!

It seems very "back-door" to me. I don't know, I feel used and dirty even though it should be a momemt of progress. It sets an important legal standard, but I still can't protect my relationship or my kids.

I don't know? It's good, but it feels bad.