Monday, August 15, 2005

People are Stupid

Apparently, you have to be an idiot to have your own morning radio show. It seems like there's always some idiot radio host in the news doing something stupid. And first of all, the claim that pretending to drown a dog to draw attention to recent child drownings is just bullshit. How the hell is drowning a dog going to accomplish that, and to what end, exactly? That's just the spin they put on it to make themselves look like something more than the idiots they are.

Now, as for the police being inconvenienced by having to take calls from people about the stunt, blame that on the idiot listeners who apparently believe anything they hear on the radio.

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somewaterytart said...

If you ever want to be really enraged (you know, for fun) listen to whatever station carries Danny Bonaducci's morning show. In the fashion of Corey Feldman, he never shuts up about how he used to be addicted to coke, and it's alternatingly depressing, hilarious, and rage-inducing. He IS the biggest tool in the universe. Oh, and one of his kids is named 'Dante'.

Recidivist said...

I used to date a guy called Danté .. I still haven't figured out if he was a Valley Girl or just a camp tool .. or if there is any difference.

He was an idiot too, but I doubt that he was ever up early enough to listen to the radio in the morning, unless he caught it before he went to bed.

Fixer said...

Danny Bonaduce was allowed to breed? Oops, my German is showing again.