Tuesday, August 09, 2005

State Takes On Radio Station, Ending Face-Slapping Contest - New York Times

Ok, this contest sounds pretty stupid, and I don't see why anyone would volunteer to participate in it, but why is the attorney general worried about it? The people involved weren't forced to do it. It also sounds like it was pretty boring, especially on the radio. Can't we just let stupid ideas like this run themsleves into the ground?

Mr. Spitzer said: "You can see how disturbing this is, how appalling. We'd like to think that we've advanced beyond the days of the Roman Colosseum.

Yes, people slapping each other in the face for money is exactly the same as slaves fighting each other to the death. Way to be on top of this before it turned into that, Eliot.

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D. said...

Watch this thing turn up as a reality series on Fox.

Fixer said...

Elliot's running for Governor. He grabs all the publicity he can get.

John Howard said...

Maybe instead of an election, they should have a face slapping contest, and the winner gets to be Governor.

Cranky Liberal said...

Hmm lets expand that to president. I'd love to see someone smack the sh** out of Bill Frist if he runs.

Shakespeare's Sister said...

Are you sure they weren't allowing the contestants to get slapped in the face by a giant lion?