Friday, August 19, 2005

The Smart Lighbulb

Useless. What the hell do you need a text message saying your light bulb has burnt out for? It's pretty obvious when the light doesn't come on. Not to say the technology isn't kind of interesting, but absolutely useless in this application.

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Chris Howard said...

Really strange. I mean, think about it. When do you usually notice that a light bulb is burned out? I don't know about everyone else but it almost always pops when I turn the light on. Since I'm standing right there when it happens, I don't see what getting an sms message will do. Now it may be good for businesses, for bulbs in signs and theaters and things like that.

All that said, there was a good Larry Niven short story about a paranoid schizophrenic in the future who would go to his office every morning and stick his hand into his autodoc. The autodoc would inject his medicine for the day. It had a red bulb to indicate when the medicine was out. You can see where this is going. The bulb fails, he goes nuts and kills his best friends. Good story, even if there are a few plot holes.

John Howard said...

So, I guess whoever invented this stupid light bulb must have also read that story.

da lil smooth gi says n said...

it says it leaves a message 2tell u 2get one on da way home. i do not want my electronic possessions tellin me wutta do.

Anonymous said...

As if I don't get enough junk mail and messages already, now my household appliances are sending it to me?