Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Police shoot sword-wielding man

Ok, so not having ever been to the UK, I'm just trying to get the police procedures over there clear in my head. So, if the guy has a sword, you shoot him with a plastic bullet, but if he's wearing a heavy coat (aka, a jean jacket), you use real bullets and aim for the head (several times)? I think I got it now.

And what is it with everyone pulling out their swords lately? Actually, why the hell do people even have swords? Is that a common thing? I don't have one. Should I get one?

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sumo said...

Just get the sword bitch! Yeah...if you want to be in the know...you'd better get the big slicer. I think the "Kill Bill" series has gone a long way in making the sword popular again. Or was that the Ninja Turtles?

Fixer said...

I have a Spanish saber, a Japanese Katana, and my grandfather's dress sword from the German Army. Mine stay mounted to the wall though.

John Howard said...

Well, it's probably comforting to know they're there in case of an emergency.