Wednesday, August 31, 2005

What a Day

Sorry for the no posting today, but I haven't been online at all until now. I seem to have contracted some horrible plague, and after waiting about a week for it to go away, I finally just stayed home from work today and went to the doctor. He gave me some prescriptions and stuff to take, so hopefully, I'll be feeling better soon.

Anyway, today was not a good day to stay home, because I've been watching all this coverage of the tragedy from the hurricane. I don't know what I can say about it that hasn't been said many times already. But it's just terribly depressing stuff. I do wonder why on earth anyone ever thought it was a good idea to build an entire city on land that was not only below sea level, but also surrounded by water. I never thought too much about it before, but the more they say that on the news, the more I think that something like this was just inevitable.

Someone needs to tell the media that looting is not a big story right now, it's expected, we all know it's bad, but there's not much anyone can do about it at this point. So stop wasting people's time discussing the police failure to stop it. Even if they made it their top priority, how exactly are they supposed to stop it? They arrest people and take them where? And while they're tied up handling those looters, something else gets overlooked. The police should be worried about helping people survive, and that's about it. It's too bad that there are people out there who would take advantage of such tragedy, but there are much more important things to worry about now. Also, someone could mention to Anderson Cooper that I'm aware that dead bodies don't smell good without him reminding me of it every ten seconds on his show. I think that's probably the wrong angle to go with at this point.

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Me4Prez said...

I think there should be a rule where you can't cover a disaster if you look like you have taken a shower and been made-up.

sumo said...

You know these news people aren't wanting for bottled water and food. You know they were sent there loaded up with the necessary goodies to sustain them for the duration. If they aren't careful some of the people might figure that out and rush the bunch of them. Now THAT would be some news!

Matt said...

This was on a few days ago & I thought that it might interest you: A study done by the Natural Hazards Research and Applications Information Center.

The study, which was written last year, describes some of the challenges (engineering and otherwise) facing New Orleans. It gives a hypothetical 'worst case' scenario, which is pretty close to what's happening now.

Shakespeare's Sister said...

J, I hope you feel better.

SB Gypsy said...

...And I second that! hope you get well soon.

I just wanted to point out that when they originally built the city, there was a substantial wetlands area between the city and the gulf that protected the city from hurricanes. By damming and leveeing the river, the wetlands were eroded until they no longer form any shelter at all, and the silt that should be going into the wetlands to replenish them is being deposited behind dams, behind levees, and out into the gulf, where it kills the flora and fauna.

We really messed that one up!

Paul the Spud said...

Feel better, John.

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