Monday, August 22, 2005

Iraq delays vote on draft constitution

The great thing about arbitrary deadlines is that if you miss them, you can just replace them with another, equally arbitrary, equally meaningless deadline. And this can be done as many times as necessary. Isn't democracy great?

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somewaterytart said...

Kind of like creative writing classes. Don't have it this week? Just email it sometime around the two-month window after the semester ends...don't worry, you already got the A because you raised your hand a lot.

I hope those constitution-drafter people raised their hands a lot.

sumo said...

I know I should care about this...but I don't. I've got too much in this country to be concerned with to worry about their politics. I honestly don't think it matters in the end...because they won't get it right anyway. And even if it did appear wouldn't be allowed to last. I am ashamed of myself now.