Wednesday, August 10, 2005

State: Bush blasts NCAA as FSU plans response

Finally, something I can agree with Jeb on. I honestly think some people are just happier if they can be offended by something. In the list of schools affected by the new NCAA rule, the only one I see as inappropriate is the Savages. I could also see that you could make a case for Redmen being offensive. But the rest, Indians, Braves, Seminoles, Illini, etc. What exactly is it that is offensive about that? Maybe some of the mascots could stand to be changed, I don't know what all of these look like, but if any of them are like, say the Cleveland Indians Chief Wahoo, then I could see where people might have a problem. But the names, themselves, I see it more as honoring the people than degrading them. I mean no one wants to use a derogatory name to represent their teams, they are using those names because they think they are good things.

I also remember seeing in the last couple of years some college with a nickname of Warriors who changed to be more sensitive to this issue. That one really surprised me, because I would had never once considered the term warrior to be in any way exclusively used to describe Indians or Native Americans.

And can someone tell me how Fighting Illini is somehow more offensive than Fighting Irish? Or do we just not give a shit about offending Irish people?

Anyway, while I see there are legitimate issues here, and it's not ok to be disrespectful of people, sometimes we can go way to far with political correctness, and I think this rule definitely does that.

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maurinsky said...

I agree with you - the only way names like the Seminoles or the Fighting Irish are offensive is if one thinks it is offensive to be a Seminole or a Irish person who likes to fight.

And speaking as an Irish American, in my experience, the Irish are pretty damn hard to offend. They even tend to embrace stereotypes about themselves - when I was growing up, every Sunday after church we went to the bar for the rest of the day.

John Howard said...

Yeah, that's what I don't get, if it's not a derogatory term, then I can't see the problem.

As for the Fighting Irish, I don't have any problem with that name, but I would have an easier time seeing how someone would have a problem with it, than Seminoles, since at least it does seem to allude to a stereotype in whatever small way. But even then, when teams preface the name with "Fighting", it's not because they think the Irish or Illini, or Sioux, or whatever are only known for fighting, it's because they want their teams to be known as fighters. The whole issue is riduculous to me.

Me4Prez said...

I am offended by the Fighting Irish because it more correctly should be the Drinking and Fighting Irish. They have only touched on one part of my Irish heritage

maurinsky said...

I am offended by the Fighting Irish because it more correctly should be the Drinking and Fighting Irish. They have only touched on one part of my Irish heritage

Me4President, proving my point that the Irish embrace their stereotypes.

Chris Howard said...

This is pretty ridiculous. Rather than lampooning some group as a symbol, FSU has embraced their association with the Seminole tribe. I hope that they fight it to the bitter end. I'd rather see them wearing blank uniforms in bowl games and swim meets and whatever else the NCAA runs than change their name.

michelline said...

I just got my Seminole Alumni paper in the mail today and the front page article is regarding the Seminole nation and their high regard for the university. Where does the NCAA get off telling the entire Seminole nation (who actually designs and makes the costumes and participates in the commencement ceremonies etc) that they can't think for themselves? That they MUST be stupid because otherwise they would be offended.
I think this move by the NCAA is much more offensive to the Seminole people. I'm sure their opinion wasn't sought.

John Howard said...

Well,if the Seminole tribe is too stupid to be offended, It's nice that there are people who will be offended on their behalf.

Fingal said...

I think there are some Seminole tribes who object to the use of the name. Are they too sensitive?

Well, maybe. I mean, I find it pretty hard to bet too worked up about football mascots given the magnitude of other offenses committed against Native Americans -- genocide, anyone?

At the same time, maybe appropriating the identity of a group of people you've ground into the dust for a couple of hundred years, converting them into cartoon characters, is a bit lunkheaded and insensitive.


Always Sourced, Never Disputed said...

JRH sometimes your reasoning convinces me there is hope for you.

The story of the degradation and discrimination of the Irish in America and in their own country is a story that many believe is a myth.

Are you a fan of Star Trek?

This whole PC culture of supposed sensitive amounts to no more that removing any reference to any difference among any one in the country. We are Borg.

Historical landmarks and references are being removed throughout the country.

Currently, you can only insult rednecks?

John Howard said...

I'm in favor of insulting rednecks.

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