Wednesday, August 24, 2005

If you're looking to commit a social faux pas with minimal backlash, come to the Bay Area

Why should there be any backlash? This isn't even news. This article seems to be very proud of the Bay Area being so progressive that they weren't shocked by Randy Moss admission that he smokes pot. Who didn't know that already? He got kicked out of Florida State for it years ago. In equally shocking news, Randy Moss admitted that he is a man, a football player, and ... (you'll want to sit down for this one) black (who knew?). How this ever became a story is beyond me.

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MDC said...

A huge percentage of NBA players admit to geting stoned with varying degrees of regularity, and I assume it is similar in the NFL and probably the MLB too. It's stupid to be surprised to hear any athlete smokes up.

John Howard said...

And this wasn't just any athlete, it was Randy Moss.

Ol Cranky said...

is he sure about the black thing?