Saturday, August 20, 2005

Saturday Late Night Name that Song

You guys seem to be quickly improving with this. Once again, sinceit makes it easier for me,there is a theme. Since I kind of cheated on the movie theme this week, I made this one easier. Get them all (and the theme) and you might win a prize.*

1. So you're having my baby And it means so much to me
2. As long as old men sit & talk about the weather As long as old women sit & talk about old men
3. Is just like a dream to me That somehow came true, yeah
4. But whatever road you choose I'm right behind you, win or lose
5. Can you imagine when this race is won Turn our golden faces into the sun
6. Baby just remember I gave you my heart Ain't no one gonna tear us apart
7. How many times must I say I love you Before you finally understand?
8. Sometimes it's hard to hold on So hard to hold on to my dreams
9. So what's the glory in living Doesn't anybody ever stay together anymore
10. As long as I can have you here with me I’d much rather be...

* Might, you might win a prize.

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The Divine Miss Em said...

2 - Forever and Ever, Randy Travis
3 - Always and Forever - Luther Vandross
4 - Forever Young - Rod Stewart
5 - Forever Young - Alphaville (the better of the two)
6 - Forever Your Girl - Paula Abdul

Don't know the other ones but the theme is FOREVER?

John Howard said...

All correct. We'll have to wait and see on the theme, but I think you might be on to something.

John Howard said...

Ok, you guys suck. Congratulations to Emily for getting the theme and half the songs. The others are:

1. Forever My Lady - Jodeci
7. Forever Man - Eric Clapton
8. If I Close My Eyes Forever - Ozzy Osbourne and Lita Ford
9. What's Forever For - Billy Gillman
10. Forever in Blue Jeans - Neil Diamond