Monday, May 16, 2005


Over the weekend, my wife was telling me about a spa she wants to go to, and in the process mentioned something about ear candling, which I had never heard of. Apparently, it's some process where they light a candle in your ear and it somehow sucks all the crap out of your ear. Hearing the process described didn't make me any more eager to try it. I'm sure there's some nasty stuff in my ears, but unless it interferes with my hearing or equilibrium or something, I'd rather it just stay there. So, even after hearing about this cleansing process, it never even occured to me that something that works in your ears might also work in other orifices as well. So when my wife told me about this site she found when looking for information on this ear candling stuff, I was shocked and pretty thouroughly disgusted. As much as I'd rather not see the stuff that's in my ears, or have a lit candle stuck in my head, this site manages to make that seem like a pretty comfortable option by comparison. The only thing that disgusts me more than the fact that people actually do this is that I'm sure some people take sexual pleasure in it, and there are probably dark corners of the internet where it's discussed in graphic detail. Anyway, it sure puts the ear candling thing into perspective.

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