Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Stem Cell Research

This issue makes me so mad. It makes me mad because it is so incredibly simple. Imagine you have a frozen embryo sitting around in a freezer somewhere. Now, if you have children, imagine them outside playing, laughing, having a great time, smiling, whatever. Now, do you think that embryo is the same as your child? Of course it's not. But if you're still not convinced, imagine that happy child has an incurable disease and imagine if you just destroyed that embryo that disease would go away, would you do it? Of course you would, in fact you would destroy as many embryos as it took. Now, of course that is simplistic, and that's not exactly the choice we have in front of us. So, instead imagine that if you destroyed the embryo that your child might have a slighlty greater chance of having thier disease cured, would you do it? I know I would, and I can't imagine a parent who wouldn't. Now, no one knows exactly what breakthroughs stem cell research might bring, but why stand in the way of that chance, that hope for so many actually living people? It's just not right.

And before you tell me about your moral values that need to be respected and how this can all be done without federal funding, I'll buy that agrument around the same time that anyone starts respecting my moral values against needless war and the war in Iraq is paid for without federal funding.

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