Thursday, May 26, 2005

Dwayne Wade is a freak

So, I finally got around to watching more than a couple of minutes of a playoff game this year. I watched pretty much the whole fourth quarter of the Miami Detroit game. Which was enough to see Dwayne Wade turn into Michael Jordan, making big play after big play. It was great to see since I'm rooting for Miami to win it all. I love Shaq, especially after he got shafted in LA, and I've been a big fan of Alonzo Mourning since he was at Georgetown. It's strange that with those two and Laettner, the Heat have the top three picks from the '92 draft. Hopefully the Heat can continue to play the way they did in the fourth quarter tonight.

Oh, and can someone tell Richard Hamilton to take that stupid fucking mask off already? He could win ten titles and five MVPs, and if he doesn't ditch that thing soon, he'll always just be known as that guy that wore the stupid mask all the time.

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