Saturday, May 21, 2005

Star Wars

Inspired by seeing Episode III the other day, then my wife getting upset because I got my son Apple Jacks because they came with a light saber spoon, I decided to watch Star Wars with him for the first time today. He's a little young, but he follows all those PIXAR movies real well, so I thought I would see how he liked it.

He was pretty interested in the battle scenes and whenever Darth Vader was on, and he didn't seen to care much for Han Solo. Oh, he did like Chewbacca a lot, but he kept calling him a bear. The funniest thing was when Darth Vader showed up to fight Obi Wan and had his light saber out, my son pointed at it and said "a spoon, he has a spoon" because of the aforementioned light saber spoon. He also kept confusing Obi Wan with Oobi. If you don't know who Oobi is, just be thankful.

Anyway, it was fun, maybe tomorrow we'll watch The Empire Strikes Back, since I haven't seen that in quite a while anyway. Oh, and as I said in my post after seeing Episode III, Vader and Obi Wan's light saber skills really, really, really fell off in their old age because the battle in Star Wars was nothing compared to the one in Episode III. Also, I always forget that Darth Vader doesn't really win, Obi Wan just gives himself up. Oh, and I thought it sounded strange when he called Darth Vader "Darth", like it washis first name or something. I thought he would more likely call him Anakin, or Vader if he thought of him as a different person than Anakin. Anyway, watching it again and noticing these things just made me really feel like a geek, so I'll stop now.

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