Sunday, May 29, 2005

Seatbelt Laws

I've seen a lot of commercial over this holiday weekend encouraging people to buckle up. Which is great. I think it's pretty stupid to get in a car and not put your seatbelt on. The problem I have with these commericials is that they are explaining how if you don't buckle up, you could get a ticket? I don't care how many lives it saves, why is it the state's business whether or notI wear my seatbelt? If you want to give out tickets if I have a child that isn't buckled up, fine (although ironic, considering school buses don'thave seatbelts), but if I'm an adult, it should really be up to me whether or not I wear my seatbelt. Even if it increases my chances of getting killed. Especially in a state where it's not against the law to ride a motorcycle without a helmet(wtf?). Also, it gives cops another bogus reason to use when they are racial profiling. Adults should be able to decide for themselves how safe they want to be. So, ecourage people to wear their seatbelts, but don't make it the law.

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