Friday, May 27, 2005


Ok, so now that the "compromise" has been worked out to prevent the Democrats from filibustering these wingnut judicial nominees, the Republican extremists have apparently forgotten all the shit they spouted about the unconstitiutional use of the filbuster. Yeah, I know, it's only unconstitutional to use it on judicial nominees, like that makes any fucking sense. So now, I see that some of these wingnuts are threatening to filibuster the stem cell legislation that was passed in the House. Now, I support their right to do this, becuase the filibuster is an important tool for the minority in the Senate, I just hope that supporters will have enough votes to overcome it. However, if they do this, I hope that every reporter in Washington will stick a microphone in their face and make them explain the difference between using the filibuster against this bill and using it againt judicial nominees. Now, I'm sure they can come up with some rationalization that they are comfortable with, but make them do it, make them say it, so people can hear it, because it will sound pretty fucking hollow. Also, I hope stem cell research supporters will show up with signs reading things like "Why don't I deserve an up or down vote?" Since, you know, the Republican extremists are very fond of up or down votes*.

* Unless they're in the minority

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