Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Top U.S. Pro Leagues Face Steroid Hot Seats

I've already posted my thoughts about why Congress shouldn't be involved in this at all. They simply have more important things to do that are actually their responsibility. What I thought interesting in this story was it was the first time I'd seen the NHL ivolved in the whole thing (and the MLS, but who gives a fuck about that?). And while I'm sure there are more important things for Congress to focus on than this, I know without a doubt that the NHL has more pressing matters to attend to. What the fuck good is a solid steroid policy if you don't play any games, anyway? Not to mention the fac tthat I've never heard even an inkling of a possibility that there might be any kind of steroid abuse going on in the NHL (or the MLS, but again, who cares). Maybe the NHL should work on actually playing games before they waste time on drug policies. I can see it now, the NHL and it's players finally agree to a deal and they are going to start the 2005-2006 season on time, then suddenly they have to discuss Congress' steroid policy and this leads to further disagreements where they don't end up playing at all and the whole league folds. Anyway, if any government should be getting involved in the NHL's business, it should be the Canadian government, since it is their sport after all, even though we have all but completely stolen it from them (and pretty much ruined it in the process).

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